A Yoda costume you shall wear!

The Yoda costume is a favorite for young and old alike. It can be great for a Star Wars themed party where there will be young children present, as babies make very cute Yodas. You can even buy Yoda costumes for dogs! Let’s take a look at the most important elements of Yoda’s appearance, and […]

Woodland fairy costumes

Woodland fairy costumes are beyond popular when it comes to dress up time! woodland fairy costumes Woodland fairies are mythical characters that usually live in a rain forest, woodlands or a wilderness covered with trees, flowers, rivers, and animals in their natural habitat. Folklore often features these fairies as protectors of the natural world of […]

Viking costume fun for kids

A Viking costume is an often overlooked but very appropriate choice for Halloween. The types of Viking outfits available vary from Viking royalty through to teeth-baring barbarians. And here we’ll take a look at the essentials of a good Viking outfit and the types of costumes available for boys and girls. Viking costumes for boys […]

Tinkerbell costume ideas

A Tinkerbell costume? I can already hear the excitement! Girls love this little legendary fairy. So do boys, but they are not likely to admit it..;) Honestly, who wouldn’t love a fairy that can make you fly? This character is perfect for fantasy enthusiasts of all ages including infants, toddlers, children, teens, and even adults! […]

The Superman costume is a real classic!

The Superman costume is one of the most well-known superhero outfits in the world, and it has changed surprisingly little considering how long this character has been around. That said, there are quite a few variations to be found when you’re shopping for a professionally made Superman outfit. Superman’s costume There are very few people […]

Statue of Liberty costume

Wearing a Statue of Liberty costume is sure to be memorable for your daughter, especially if she has studied the history of the statue or if she has seen it towering New York Harbor. Wouldn’t your little girl be precious as the Lady of Liberty? About the Statue of Liberty The Statue of Liberty was […]

Star Wars costumes for kids

Star Wars costumes for kids include classic characters such as Yoda, Princess Leia, Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader! Which Star Wars character would your child like to be? The whole family can dress up if you like – there are plenty of choices for adult costumes, and even babies look pretty cute as Yoda! Let’s […]

Star Trek costumes for kids

Star Trek costumes are one of the staples of sci-fi conventions the world over. The Star Trek series has spanned generations, making an impact on sci-fi fans for years with its TV shows and movies alike. We’re going to take a look at some of the more “classic” Star Trek character costumes here, as well […]

A sheep costume – baaaa!

Your child will be the center of the show in their adorable sheep costume. You can even choose a theme and dress the whole family in sheep related costumes. Let your imagination soar! Sheep are often used in Christmas plays and Bible stories. Honestly, a nativity scene would be incomplete without them and a donkey […]

Scooby Doo costumes Kids Will Love!

Scooby Doo costumes have long been popular for kids’ dress up parties, particularly when there is a mystery to solve! Scooby is a lovable character that takes the joy most children associate with animals and combines it with imagination and a love of mystery. One of the great things about Scooby Doo characters is that […]