Why not choose an alien costume?

Are you thinking about an alien costume for a child, teen or infant?

Maybe your son or daughter has just arrived from outer space?

Celestial beings definitely draw attention and the costumes are fun to dress up in.

There are even adult-sized costumes that exhibit the extra-terrestrial style.

The varieties are plenty…

-Do you want to go sci-fi?

-Would your child like to be a movie star?

-Are they thrilled with Star Wars or Star Trek and all the associated alien-like characters?

-Does comical or humorous better fit your vision?

All of these desires can be met by pre-made alien costumes. It is kind of hard to create an alien look from a homemade costume, but it is possible if you are very creative.

alien antenna

Even a pair of antenna can produce that alien look!

If horror or a Goth look is desired, you can get an alien mask and complement it with a long, flowing robe, or black gothic clothing can be worn with a painted face and eye-changing contacts.

TV and movie alien ideas

infant alien costume
Television characters and movie stars are probably the most popular version of alien outfits.
For instance, kids love the three-eyed alien toy from Toy Story. Land of the Lost, Monsters vs. Aliens, and Predators vs. Aliens also starred some alien-looking characters. Some of these are featured in video games and kids and teens love to simulate such characters.

Then of course there is Megamind, the super villain and Avatar characters are simply loved. Personally, I like the characters from Ben 10, the Spidermonkey and the Swampfire alien fighter take the cake.

Includes jumpsuit, cape, and mask. Does not include boots. This is an officially licensed Megamind costume.

Then there is E.T. who was the famous extra terrestrial from the 1982 movie directed by Stephen Spielberg. That is my favorite alien ever. It was heart touching how he befriended Elliot and their journey together was just amazing. Their efforts for E.T. to call home and their struggle with death while pursued by the curious government were events that were just surreal. It was funny when E.T. learned to talk and displayed his healing effects through his lit finger. I have to say that was my favorite sci-fi movie of all times.

Classic alien costumes

area 51 sign
To me, the classic alien is like the ones featured in Area 51 type shows with the oval shaped green head with tear-shaped, huge black eyes.
Masks of this type of readily available and they can be completed by cloaks, robes, or even fluorescent colored clothing or camouflage outfits.

Really, it is all up to your imagination. Where do you think you might see an alien and what do think they may look like?

alien mask

Ooooohhh… Come on! Cheer up!

Includes a black robe with green and silver accents, attached foam collar, and latex alien mask. Gloves and shoes not included.

There are many descriptions of aliens made by people who claim to have been abducted. Reading such stories might unleash your imagination in creating your own home-made costume.

space ship
Supposedly, a UFO crashed near Roswell, New Mexico in 1947. Alien corpses were allegedly taken from the crash site which was covered with extra-terrestrial debris. There were several movies made about this incident that is claimed to be subject to a great cover up. There are also many documentaries about the subject too.

If you or your child are fascinated by aliens and UFOs, an alien costume is a must have!