Anakin Skywalker costume

Wearing an Anakin Skywalker costume has grown in popularity at parties as the new trilogy of Star Wars movies have overtaken the imaginations of the younger generations.

Just as their parents were brought up on images of Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader locked in mortal combat, kids these days now like to play out the life of Anakin from his days as a boy fixing up broken droids!

Because the movies cover virtually all of his life, there are a variety of different Anakin Skywalker costumes that can be chosen for wannabe Anakins of all ages.

In fact, the changes in his appearance over time also reflect the changes in Anakin’s character as he grows older and leans more towards the Dark Side.

Anakin’s costume as a boy

As a boy on his home planet, Anakin wears very simple clothes of a very light brown color – they are basically white clothes with a lot of dirt on them, since Anakin is a slave boy living in bad conditions.

His top half is a tunic with a fold in the middle, and it’s held in place by a brown belt, with a darker undershirt below. He also wears simple light khaki pants, which tuck into a pair of brown boots that should come up almost as high as the knee.

If your child wants to go the extra mile, you can even try to recreate Anakin’s haircut. His hair is shaped in a kind of “bowl” cut equally around his head.

Anakin as a Jedi in Training

When Anakin is taken on as a padawan to learn how to become a Jedi, he wears a different costume. He has one costume in which he wears a black leather tunic-style vest over brown shirt and pants. He has a light brown undershirt, as opposed to the older Anakin of Episode 3 who wears similar but darker tones.

To really add an extra touch of realism, you can even add a clip-on hair braid to complete the look – boys just love this accessory, because it’s so cool!

A Jedi Anakin Skywalker costume

Anakin’s costume as a fully trained Jedi is similar to his costume when he is training. However, as a fully qualified Jedi, Anakin also wears flowing Jedi robes.

In the last movie, Anakin has grown out his hair closer to shoulder length, so if you want to really show a difference between older Anakin and younger Anakin, you may want to style your hair if it’s long or get a wig as opposed to the hair braid of the younger Jedi-in-training.

The third movie of Anakin’s trilogy marks the beginning of his descent into the Dark Side of the Force, so this character is a lot more serious than the young boy version of Anakin.

The other major difference at this point is that Anakin has lost a hand in battle at this point, and now has a black mechanical hand. This effect can be created with the use of a glove designed or decorated to look as if it’s made of machinery, with controls or buttons on it.

I hope your kids have fun in their Anakin Skywalker costumes!