How to create a perfect angel costume!

Now wouldn’t your princess look lovely in an angel costume?

It’s a great idea for any time of year – cool in summer, attractive for Halloween, and festive at Christmas time.

You can use lots of colors for your costume, not just white. Pastel pinks, greens, and blues work just as well.

And you can adapt any pretty fairy-style dress to make an angel costume.

If you’re organizing a host of angels for a school concert, you can use long white tunics made up very quickly and then add angelic accessories as required.

So let’s find out about angels, angel accessories, and how you can create a heavenly costume for an angel or little cherub at home.

What are angels?

pink angel costume
Angels are talked about a lot in the Bible where they are described as a messenger of God.
It widely believed in many religions that angels are spiritual beings who are sent from heaven to protect and guide humans as well as completing God’s will here on earth.

So it’s hardly surprising that we often call our precious babies angels – and a baby angel costume is indeed adorable!

How to make an angel costume

It has become a common assumption that angels have wings, and they’ve become an indispensable part of an angel’s costume!

baby angel costume
Because most accounts of angelic experiences happen in a vision with the angel surrounded by light, a halo often accompanies the costume.

An angel’s harp adds to the excitement of pretending to be a heavenly host.

Most parents love to create an angel costume for their little cherub. It is way easy to do.

First, you need a dress (or a pant suit would do for the tomboy angel).

Next, you can create the wings. They can be made of painted cardboard with glitter glued about and elastic straps to hold the wings in place, or they can be created with feathers or stuffed cloth and pinned to the dress.

If you’re not in the creative mood, you can order angel wings or pick some up from a variety store at the right time of the year.

cheeky looking angel
A halo can be made of tinsel, lace or a feather boa, or you might look for a premade halo if you truly want your girl to look like a goddess. Premade halos and headpieces generally are easier to deal with than a homemade version.

Not got time for a halo? Even angels have a hectic schedule sometimes! Why not try a tiara or crown as in the picture above?

Voila! There is your messenger from heaven!

You can even create a cupid by adding a bow and arrow set.

You can read more about bible costumes if you need more nativity ideas.

More angel costume ideas

Your little girl might love to dress up as a Barbie angel!
Yes -if your daughter is really into angels, like most girls are, you might consider starting them a Barbie angel collection. Every girl loves Barbie and there are many Barbie collectibles that gain in value over time.

I love the Holiday Angel Barbies that are released from time to time and the Happy Birthday Angel Doll is fabulous for a birthday present. The 1998 version of the Heartstring Angel Barbie is also phenomenal for musical children to treasure as it comes with a violin, perfectly sized for Barbie.

Without a doubt, a girl would be tempted to open the package and play with the collectibles, but they will be much more valuable if they stay in original packaging. It’s hard to know which collectibles will grow in value and which will not, but at any rate, girls love things like this to play with or collect.

How about the fallen angel look?

On the other hand, there are also the fallen angels who depict darkness and death, which is not so enlightening for a child, but some teens would like to dress that way for a Halloween party.

Heavenly Devil costumes – part angel/part devil – are also popular around witty teens and good humored parents of toddlers in their “terrible twos”.

Whatever you choose, we wish you and your precious little girl a heavenly time in a magnificent, inspiring angel costume!