Kids’ animal costumes

Animal costumes for kids bring a smile to everyone’s face!

There’s something so wonderful – and funny, too! – about seeing kids pretending to be animals or insects.

And there’s nothing like wearing a costume to bring out the lion, monkey, or butterfly in your child.

First of all we’re going to check out some of the most popular kid animal costumes, as well as insect costumes.

And you may indeed want to look at a selection of these before you make up your mind, because not every animal will suit every child.

Find an animal outfit your child will enjoy wearing

You know, every costume has its own “character” –
some are more comfortable to wear than others
some of these costumes have headbands for ears or antennae, which your child may either love or hate
and some of these costume ideas come in a huge choice of designs… so more thinking may be needed!
But there’s no need to rush – here’s a host of ideas for kids who want to become an animal for a special occasion 🙂

Choose an animal costume

baby lion New! Baby animal costumes
Here are ideas for babies and toddlers who want to dress up as cute and not so cute animals!
Cat costume
Prrrrr…. who has never wondered what it’s like to be a cat? Ideas for simple cat costumes or something a little more extravagant.

Dinosaur costume
I love dino costumes! Spikes, horns, claws – worry not, your kid will still look oh-so-cuddly (but don’t tell them that!)

Dog costume for kids
Dog costumes aren’t boring! There are plenty of famous doggie characters to dress up as, and the girls will love being a pink poodle… or wearing a poodle skirt and going for the retro look!

Frog costume
Here’s a cute idea for kids, with all-in-ones for the tots, Prince or Princess frogs for kids – or a Kermit costume for Muppet lovers.

Horse costume
Some kids are mad about horses, and here you’ll find hobby horse ideas, classic horse styles, and even two-person horses.

Lion costume
It’s big cat city here, whether your child is a tot or a teenager, lion or lioness!

Monkey costume
Time for a little monkey dress up, including some famous monkey character ideas for costumes.

Penguin costume
A penguin costume is truly impressive. Your child may also enjoy a Batman Penguin outfit, or something from the Penguins of Madagascar.

Sheep costume
You may not have imagined anyone dressed as a sheep before, but this could be a fun idea if you want something a little different.

Kids’ insect costumes

Bee costume
Queen Bee, Buzzy Bee… which one will your child bee… heh heh! This one’s a really nice idea.
Butterfly costume
Little girls and boys can be butterflies… but once they’re a bit older, this is much more of a girly costume. Butterfly princess or butterfly Barbie perhaps? Tons of ideas with photos to help you decide just which butterfly is best.

Butterfly costume face painting
Lots of ideas and images here, as well as some useful video tutorials I’ve found to help you create that perfect butterfly look.

Ladybug costumes
Ladybug costumes are incredibly cute, and also pretty easy to put together yourself if you want to. Take a look at these suggestions for costumes and accessories.

More animal ideas for inspiration!

Still not sure about which animal costume to choose?
Think about your child’s favorite animals – is there a storybook character costume just for them?

If you have a baby or toddler, which animals do they enjoy looking at in their touchy feely books?

Little ones look so cute in farmyard animal costumes:

– or even piglet!
Or why not dress them up as Old MacDonald or Mrs MacDonald and let them take their favorite soft toys along with them?

Zoo costumes in addition to the monkey or penguin costumes above include

And again, you could go for a character costume to cover the lot with a zookeeper costume!