An astronaut costume takes your child into orbit!

Why not consider an astronaut costume for your child? There’s nothing more exciting than a trip into space!

Do your kids like to moon walk? Are they fascinated with rockets, aliens or things that fly? Kids love this stuff!

I’ll never forget when we went to Halloween carnival and saw this little boy dressed as an astronaut. He was really the star of the carnival. He was about four years old and he was professional at pretending that he was walking with no gravity – so cute!

Lucky for him, they had an inflatable moonwalk set up. You know, one of things that kids love to jump on. It got him in the mood and he was hilarious bouncing across the grass after he got off of the bouncy thing.

astronaut costume
Outer space is definitely “in” 🙂

Kids love to play like they are traveling space, launching off in a rocket or fighting the bad guys of the universe.
They are amazed with

NASA astronauts…
…or Russian cosmonauts…
Star Trek characters – “Beam me up, Scottie!”
Star Wars’ Jedi and their use of the Force – and the renowned Dark Side, ooohh…
If you’ve never taken your kids to a Space Museum, you should put that on your “to do” list. It’ll help them to know the difference between sci-fi and reality and they’ll love it!

What kind of astronaut costumes are there?

There are many astronaut suits available for kids with a passion for space. They even come in toddler and baby sizes.
Most of them are jumpsuit style in either white or orange, as in the photo above. Some display the “NASA” look and then there are Buzz Lightyear costumes. He was the famous astronaut toy in the Disney/Pixar film Toy Story.

The costume can have globe-like head gear or if the child prefers, a cap can be worn instead. After all, at a costume party or play date, most likely oxygen will not be required and they could be “off duty”. The costume can be pulled off without a fancy space man helmet.

If they really want one, there are NASA style astronaut helmets for children.

Astronaut accessories

Astronauts wear moon boots and astronaut gloves along with the rest of the spacesuit.
Boot covers can be used in place of actual boots. Sometimes boots are a headache for parents, especially if the kids tend to kick them off whenever they want to.

An astronaut backpack completes the outfits. Have you ever noticed that actual spacemen always have something on their back? You could make something that simulates a space backpack out of cardboard with straps so it could easily be put on and taken off.

Astronaut costumes never go out of style. They are practical costumes for infants, toddlers, children, teens and adults. It seems that everyone likes them. I have even seen a few girls dress as an astronaut.

Don’t forget to teach your kiddos the countdown before the blast off!