Buzz around in a bee costume

Donning a bee costume is a sure fire way to get any party crowd buzzing! Oh yes, your child will look sweeter than honey when dressed up as a bumble bee, bzzz bzzzz!

Suitable for boys and girls, this is a simple costume that can be whipped up on short notice, but won’t leave your child blending into the crowd.

Bright yellow stripes will make sure your kid stands out.

This is a character that outgoing children can really get into – if your son or daughter loves imitating creatures from the natural world, this is the ideal costume choice.

The parts of a bee

bee costume
A simple bee-style costume can consist of little more than black tights and a black and yellow shirt with stripes. And don’t forget the antenna!

A good bee should have two feelers on its head, usually attached to a headband of some sort. Also think about the types of wings a bee should have – something silky and transparent gives the best look, just as in the photo above.

For younger infants you might consider a one-piece costume with a rounder look and a hood to cover the head.

Also think about the shoes – slip-ons for girls or boots for boys can be effective. To add an extra touch of brilliance, consider a pair of yellow-tinted sunglasses. A large pair of these “bug eyes” can work especially well on a baby.

Be the Queen Bee!

Some girls will want to add a few “princess” elements into their costume. To create a queen bee costume, consider adding a tiara with antenna attached in place of a normal headband.

Alternatively, you might want to keep an eye out for a costume with a shinier, golden look to it rather than plain black and yellow.

You can also consider seeking out a costume with a tutu or skirt to provide a more feminine touch to the look.

Buzzy the Bee costume ideas

Buzzy the Bee has been a popular children’s toy in New Zealand for many years, and now Buzzy even has his own TV show. A Buzzy the Bee costume can really help your children impress his or her friends – as well as impressing their parents with your clever thinking. If your child has a Buzzy obsession, make a dream come true by letting them become their favourite character for a day.

Bumblebee Transformers costume

What if your son won’t be seen dead dressed as a bug, but has an obsession with machines and robots? The Bumblebee character from the Transformers movies provides the ideal solution. Bumblebee is a giant yellow robot who also transforms into a car. As the main character Sam’s trusted companion and friend (not to mention his vehicle!), Bumblebee is one of the most popular out of the transforming robot army.

A Bumblebee costume can be a simple one-piece jump suit with artwork to detail the machinery. Your child might prefer something more realistic looking, with padding in the shoulders or a few “box” type pieces to make the costume looking more robotic and mechanical.