Bible costumes for kids

Are you interested in Bible costumes for your kids?

There are many uses for biblical costumes.

They can be used in a play which is commonly put on around Christmas and Easter.

They can also be used to complement Bible stories, making them more real through audio/visual effects.

And they’re great to wear to a costume party too, of course!

Let’s take a look at a whole range of ideas for biblical themed costumes that your child might like to choose from.

Bible costumes as an alternative to Halloween costumes

angel costume
Some Christians don’t believe in celebrating Halloween because of its pagan origin, so many churches hold a Hallelujah night or an All Hallow’s Eve night which precedes All Saints Day where kids get the chance to dress up, but usually not as monsters and ghouls.
Rather, many children dress as biblical characters or simple things like a hobo, a football player or a cheerleader.

Nativity costumes

The Christmas story and a nativity scene opens eyes to many possibilities of bible costumes.
So – who (and what) was in the manger in Bethlehem the night that Jesus was born and what were the circumstances surrounding the story?

First, an angel appeared to Mary and to Joseph to tell them about the child that Mary would have. Caesar Augustus, leader of the Roman Empire, ordered their trip to Bethlehem for a census, because that was Joseph’s hometown. It is often told that Mary rode on donkey, but the Bible doesn’t actually say that.
While there for the census, Mary had baby Jesus. Because the inn was crowded, they were pretty much forced to stay in the stables. Angels appeared to shepherds in the field to share the good news that the savior was born. They took their flocks of sheep and went to visit the family and to see the Christ-child.
King Herod wanted to kill the little baby and he sent the Magi (better known as the Wise Men) to check out the story of the birth of the King of the Jews. The birthplace was marked by a glowing star which helped everyone to find baby Jesus.
bible costume
Based on this story, it is reasonable to choose the following biblical costumes from the nativity scene…

An angel – find ideas for an angel costume here
Baby Jesus
A Roman ruler
A Judea king
A bright star
A donkey
Cows and other stable kept animals
Wise men
More Biblical costume ideas

There are many other stories in the Bible featuring awesome characters that your kids can dress up as, whether they were on the “good side” or the “bad side”.
Roman soldiers are popular costumes. Chest armor and a helmet are worn with shields and swords fit for battle. Red clothing is often associated with Roman soldiers. Roman sandals that strap up the leg were worn by soldiers along with leg gauntlets and skirt looking bottoms.

Renowned biblical characters include Mark Anthony, Julius Caesar, Roman Citizens, and don’t forget the Egyptian pharaohs. Togas and robes are the most worn clothing in the Bible days.

The disciples that followed Jesus can be portrayed in many ways. Basically, most men had beards. Some of them were fishermen before Jesus made them fishers of men.

Moses was known to carry a staff, you know, the one that turned into a snake. Aaron, Moses’ brother, was a priest which is easy to simulate. And there is Judas, who betrayed Jesus. Remember, he was responsible for the money bag.

Noah, who built the ark, is also a character that kids relate with because of his association with saving the animals during the flood.

Other religious costumes include priests, bishops, cardinals, monks, nuns, or the Pope. Some people even like to dress like Jesus or John the Baptist. Mary Magdalene anyone?

Probably the most vivid costume is an impersonation of Jesus at the crucifixion. He was beaten and flogged by soldiers and was quite bludgeoned by the time he reached Calvary. His hands and feet were pierced with spikes, he wore a crown of thorns and he had a spear wound to his side. All of this was after a sleepless night, lengthy walks and bearing the cross on his shoulders after he had already been beaten. With this Bible costume, you can be very vivid in the display of injuries, piercing and blood.

But for a child, a bible costume like this would probably not be appropriate. Dressing as Jesus as a 12 year old boy praying in the temple or a depiction of Jesus after he was baptized in the Jordan by John the Baptist and a dove descended from heaven would probably look better for a child.