What butterfly costume will you choose?

A butterfly costume can be a wonderful way to let your daughter show off her beauty, but there are also costumes suitable for boys who want to be butterflies.

Most butterflies involve a lot of pink and purple colors – perfect for the girly girl who obsesses over dolls and dresses.

Some girls might prefer a more “realistic” costume with natural colors that make her look like a real butterfly.

In this case it’s not too hard to find something with blacks and oranges to give a natural appearance to the costume, just like in the picture below. See how simple this is? A pretty flowery dress, matched with antennae and wings – easy to wear, and so attractive!

butterfly costume
The Butterfly Princess costume

For some girls, being a butterfly isn’t enough – they want to be a royal butterfly!
The butterfly princess costume is the best way to combine the beauty of the butterfly with the grace of a princess. A butterfly princess will love wearing a tiara, a crown or a tall pointed hat with ribbons attached to set her apart from all the other “normal” butterflies.

butterfly face painting
Of course, it’s important that you think about make up or face paint to match the costume as well. This can be something simple like spirals painted on the cheeks in colors that match the costume.

Look at this wonderful example of butterfly face painting.

See how the “body” of the butterfly is painted in black between her eyebrows down to the end of her nose? Draw a dot for the head. Draw in wings over the eyebrows and forehead and down over the cheeks… then finish with the antennae.

Here are some ideas to help you with your butterfly costume face painting.

You and your daughter could design this on paper first before doing the real thing!

A fairy butterfly costume is another cute idea

butterfly fairy costume
Another alternative to the butterfly princess costume is the butterfly fairy.
For a traditional fairy look, try to find a costume with a pink one-piece dress and colorful wings. Some costumes will include rainbow wings while other may be silver or made of silky gossamer material.

Our fairy could come complete with glittery wings and a magic wand to cast her white magic over other children at the party.

Here’s a younger butterfly fairy, all in pink, with a tiara too – I think she’s a butterfly fairy princess myself!

If your fairy is old enough to wear something a little more exotic on her feet, why not attach little butterflies to her shoes, along with rosebuds and ribbons?

butterfly shoes
Older Butterflies!

You might think that older girls don’t want to bother being butterflies any more… but that’s not necessarily the case!
diva butterfly costume
Take a look at this “diva” butterfly costume – now that’s what I call style!
A stylish dress with tones of pink – or a snazzy top with black pants… add a wide brimmed hat, pink sunglasses, a feather boa, and the obligatory wings.

Want to change the color? Yes indeed, past a certain age, your daughter may start to lose interest in being dressed as a pink fairy – so try purples, reds, jet blues or neon greens!

Another idea: tweens and teens of the of the “Twilight” era may also be more attracted to costumes with dark purples and black colors and wings with sharper, pointed tips.

butterfly mask
Butterfly masks can also complement a great costume, adding a touch of mystery – and fun!
These kinds of masks are usually more successful with older kids, as the young ones tend to take them off after about thirty seconds 😉

Butterfly characters

Your daughter may have a special desire to go as a particular butterfly character from a movie, cartoon or toy. There are a range of butterfly Barbie costumes available to suit this need.
Older girls may also be interested in the opera character of Madame Butterfly.

Butterfly boys

While boys above the age of five or six probably won’t be very impressed with the idea of being dressed as a “girly” butterfly, there are butterfly costumes with darker colors which are designed for younger boys.
Look for a costume with “monarch” butterfly wings – deep orange with black lines through it – and a more neutral color for the body than pink, such as red or black.