C-3PO costume tips

A C-3PO costume creates a droid with character! And your child will look great in this golden costume.

C-3PO (fondly nicknamed “3PO” or “Threepio”) is one of the much-loved droids from Star Wars – in fact he appears in both the original trilogy, and the prequel trilogy which follows the story of how Darth Vader became evil.

C-3PO is a golden robot who is intelligent but not very brave – and he and his friend R2-D2 provide a lot of the comic relief in the Star Wars movies!

Dressing up in a C-3PO costume

C-3PO is made of metal and wires – so getting the appearance right can be quite difficult if you want a home made C-3PO costume. Some parents opt for cardboard boxes and gold paint, which can work, but often results in a very “blocky” looking costume, whereas C-3PO has a lot of curves and smooth lines.

Buying a costume may be a better option if your child really wants a convincing C-3PO look. There are a few different designs you’ll come across when it comes to C-3PO costumes. Generally, the outfit will either be made up of a shirt and separate trousers, or a one-piece suit.

While the shirt and trousers options can work, they usually leave out the wiring in C-3PO’s mid-section.

C-3PO’s top and bottom halves don’t touch – there’s a gap of several inches where you can see the wiring inside him. The upside of a one-piece suit is that most of these include the wiring, usually by screen-printing it on.

Needless to say – no matter what style you go for, it ought to be gold. The design of the upper body is also important – there should be a V-shape under the neck and a circular shape in the center of the abdomen.

Of course, the most important feature of the costume is the head. Without a good mask, the costume won’t be complete. The C-3PO head design is fairly simple, with large round eyes and a sideways slit for a mouth.

If you want to go the extra mile with the costume, you can consider adding a pair of gold gloves or painting your child’s hand with gold party paint.

About C-3PO

C3PO is certainly not a fighter! He’s designed to be a communication droid. In fact, he was originally built from spare parts by the young Anakin Skywalker. This makes C-3PO one of the longest-lived characters in the Star Wars series.

C-3PO eventually became the protocol droid for Padme Amidala, and was then passed along the line to Princess Leia.

This is how he ended up becoming involved with Luke Skywalker, the son of his original creator. Leia sent C-3PO and R2-D2 to deliver a message to Obi-Wan Kenobi. The arrival of the droids leads to Luke Skywalker meeting Obi Wan and beginning on his path to becoming a Jedi warrior.

C-3PO is the only character to be played by the same actor, Anthony Daniels, throughout all six Star Wars movies.

In Episodes 1 and 2 the C-3PO seen on screen is just a puppet, with Daniels providing a voiceover. In all the rest of the movies, Daniels actually wore his C-3PO costume.

Don’t forget to imitate C-3PO’s waddling walk!