Meoooww… a cat costume!

A cat costume is so easy to put together.
Basically you just need ears, a tail, and whiskers of course, and your child will be recognized as a cat.

The costume on the left shows just how simple a cat costume can be to put together – and isn’t this such a stylish look?

For baby cats ‘n kittens

For the tiny ones, there are many pre-made costumes available. I love the infant and toddler costumes because many of them are one-piece suits with hoods which are perfect for trick or treating in October.
You don’t have to worry about the baby getting cold and you don’t have to cover up their costume with a jacket. Their “human ears” will stay nice and warm.

Cat outfits for the girls

For older girls, you might consider a dress or a skirt decked out with ears and a tail. I have seen many cat outfits in pink, black, brown, and striped.
There are even costumes with tiger or leopard print. They are so cute and most girls adapt an attitude that goes along with their costume which can be hilarious and memorable.

A homemade costume can be easily made by using a body suit and leotards or leggings with ears attached to a headband and a homemade tail made of felt or stuffed material.

black cat costume
Now that’s one cute little cat!

Black face paint or eyeliner can be used to make whiskers and the nose or you might even consider a pink nose for your girly-girls. If the girl is old enough, fake eyelashes can make the costume very attractive and sometimes they can even be found in colors or glittered lashes. If not, mascara can fix them up.

Tom cats – oh yeah!

For boys, they usually don’t want to be a simple cat. They want something masculine!
A lion costume might fit their taste or perhaps Tom from Tom and Jerry or Sylvester, the Warner Bros. character that always tries to eat Tweety.

For ferocious lions, a little stage blood might complement the costume or perhaps a necklace made out of yellow feathers for Sylvester the cat.

For Dr. Seuss lovers, a Cat in the Hat costume makes the top of the list. Boys (and men) of all ages love this costume.

It basically consists of a red and white striped hat, a bow tie and white gloves – a blue umbrella can be used as a prop to complete the costume. This mischievous cat originally appeared the children’s book, The Cat in the Hat, which was published in 1957, so he’s been around for awhile. The character has been featured in television shows, films, a musical, educational games, and so forth.

Cat costumes for the whole family!

For a family that likes to dress up together, adult costumes of Sylvester and Tweety look nice with children costumes of Tom and Jerry.
You can do an adult or child’s costume of the Cat in the Hat with little kids dressed as Thing 1 and Thing 2. There is even a fish in the teapot hat for extra parties and you can always add the little boy and little girl that appear in the story. So adorable!

You can even dress your dog as the Cat in the Hat.

Meow… purrrrr… roar… giggle??? Wouldn’t your child love to be a cat? When it comes to cat costumes, there are so many possibilities!