Cheerleader costume action!

It seems like every girl, at one time or another, wants to wear a cheerleader costume.

Being a cheerleader makes them feel special and upbeat, and what I love about these costumes is that they are so versatile.

If your girl is actually a cheerleader, wearing her own uniform may lose appeal since she wears it all of the time for games and such.

However, she might love to dress as a Dallas Cowboy cheerleader or as a cheerleader for another NFL team, or for a state college team of interest. And if you’re from another part of the world (like me!) you might like to give a bit of local flavor to your cheerleader style – a combo of the fun American idea, with your own interesting touches!

girls cheerleader costume
Less traditional… or more imaginative ideas!

Cheerleader costumes do not actually have to represent a certain team. For instance, a favorite can be used to create the costume.

If your girl likes Barbie, she might want to be a Barbie team cheerleader. If she likes Mickey and Minnie Mouse, why not make her a Disney cheerleader or a Mouse Club cheerleader?

Mouse ears atop of a cheerleader uniform with an “M” as the letter would be simply adorable.

Patriot cheerleaders are also popular promoting the country that the child lives in or is fascinated by. The uniforms can be created by printing the name of the country on the bodice of the outfit and perhaps a flag attached to the costume or carried along.

Cheerleaders from films can also be mimicked. For instance, Grease and High School Musical featured cheerleaders and their uniforms can be easily imitated to wear to a costume party.

Goth style is fascinating to some teenage girls. Gothic or rebel cheerleader costumes can be made featuring skulls or spider webs, black and white striped socks or perhaps big heeled shoes or boots.

The standard pom poms could even be replaced with a gothic flail or perhaps the cheerleader and vampiress costumes could be combined if the girl can’t decide between cuteness and horror themes.

Cheerleader costume accessories

Standard cheerleader accessories include

pom poms
go-go boots or tennis shoes
Some cheerleaders even wear gloves. Face painting or glitter might also add to the look and make the costume distinguishable.

Of course if your teenage daughter is going as a horror type cheerleader, makeup can create the zombie look and fake blood and fangs will assist with the vampiress theme!

Since the Twilight series is a loved novel and movie of teens these days, a cheerleader for the vampires or the werewolves might be appealing, depending on whether the girl likes Edward or Jacob.

Unique ideas

It can be a lot of fun to create a unique cheerleader costume and they can be appropriate for all ages. For instance, as an adult I would enjoy dressing as a cheerleader to promote breast cancer awareness. The pink ribbon combined with a cheerleader uniform would be splendid.

Brothers and sisters or friends could dress sports stars, perhaps as a wrestler, football, baseball, soccer, or basketball player accompanied by cheerleaders or even a referee or an umpire.

When it comes to creating cheerleaders, imagination is basically the only limit. You can cheer just about anything that you choose and it is beyond easy to create costume themes for multiple people.