Children love a Chewbacca costume!

A Chewbacca costume makes your kid feel fearsome, friendly – and furry!

Getting the Chewie costume just right has become something of an art amongst Star Wars fans, and the best Chewbacca costume is often the highlight of a science fiction convention – as well as a party!

Chewbacca is the sidekick and co-pilot of Han Solo. He’s a Wookiee – the large, hairy species who inhabit the planet Kashyyyk – although Chewbacca lives on Endor, with the Ewoks.

Chewbacca’s a great character to play for tall kids – the real actor who played Chewbacca was over 7 feet tall. But there are also costumes available in smaller sizes for the kids who just love this character.

Chewbacca’s appearance

The most important element of a Chewbacca costume is the fur.
Chewie’s entire body, including his hair, is covered in thick brown fur.

This is why most Chewie costumes are made up of either a full-body suit including a hood, or a jumpsuit with a separate mask.

Many of the Chewbacca outfits designed for kids use the suit and mask combination.
You should make sure you find a suit that looks like actual fur – a simple brown jumpsuit made of cotton or a similar material won’t do the trick for older kids. A good Chewie outfit needs that furry appearance!

With costumes designed for toddlers, you’re more likely to find options consisting of a one-piece suit including a hood with an open face. Sometimes the costume has less fur, with furry cuffs and hems, and the body made of brown fleece.

Tip: My son hates anything furry around his neck or body due to the “itch” factor. So if your child is the same, be careful about that fur factor when choosing your Chewbacca costume!

Don’t forget the mask! – Chewie has quite a distinctive looking face. A good Chewie mask should match the features of the real character. Some masks are made completely of plastic, whereas others are soft and furry. If the mask included with the costume isn’t up to scratch, you can always buy a deluxe mask separately.

Chewie’s belt is worn across his shoulder and body. It should loop over his shoulder and be worn like a sash. The belt should have silver studs along it and a brown satchel attached to it which rests on Chewie’s hip.

The hands are another important part of a Chewie costume. Some costumes include hands as part of the suit, but others include them as separate gloves.

So who is Chewbacca?

Chewbacca and Han Solo may at first seem like an unlikely pair. The reason they stick together is the Chewie owes a life debt to Han.

When Han Solo was a captain in the Imperial Navy, he was ordered to kill Chewbacca. Han refused, and was then discharged – this is when he began his career as a smuggler. But because of his decision to spare Chewie’s life, Chewie owed Han a debt and offered to serve him until death.

There’s a funny story behind the invention of the Chewbacca character. Star Wars creator George Lucas actually came up with the idea for Chewbacca when he was driving his car with his dog in the passenger seat. It gave him the idea for a large, hairy co-pilot character – and thus the Chewbacca and Han Solo combination was born.

Ewok Costumes

Chewbacca is a Wookiee – not to be confused with an Ewok. The Ewok are the small, furry species who inhabit planet Endor. There are lots of cute Ewok costume choices designed for toddlers and infants.