Cinderella costume tips

Would your little princess like to dress in a Cinderella costume?

Almost any traditional princess costume will suit, although I’ve been looking at the Cinderella story written in the original French by Charles Perrault in 1697.

I think this version tells the story of Cinderella as we know it best today.

And guess what?

Charles Perrault’s story tells us that her dress was gold and silver, and bedecked with jewels!

So that could be a wonderful color combo for your little girl.

cinderella costume
Here’s a mostly gold color costume for Cinderella.

This color costume may not be the first idea that pops into your head when thinking about Cinderella, but it is a little more faithful to the popular story.

We are also told that Cinderella was given glass slippers to wear.

Now, this might be a little more complicated to reproduce, but I think a pair of silver or white silk slippers or shoes would do the trick.

And if you had a glass slipper brooch or locket to add to the dress, that would be fantastic!

Remember the clock striking midnight? How about a picture of a clock face showing the time at nearly midnight, and affixed to a bracelet or badge for your child to wear?

As we’ll see, Cinderella for little girls is also very well known from the Disney version of the character – who wears a sky blue dress.

There are plenty of ready made Disney Cinderella costumes available which will give your daughter that exact look.

The story of Cinderella

The story of Cinderella comes in many forms since it is based on classic folk tales. The word “Cinderella” is often used to describe a person whose qualities are neglected or not acknowledged and then suddenly recognition, success or complete happiness is obtained.
Characters by the name Cinderella or Cinders have been featured in many productions including operas, ballets, ice shows, plays, pantomimes, and films. The magical beauty also appears in books, songs, and even video games.

Cinderella is probably known best as a Disney princess as she fits in with the other popular Disney characters such as Snow White, Ariel from The Little Mermaid, Belle from The Beauty and the Beast, Jasmine from Aladdin, and Tiana from The Princess and the Frog. Oh, we don’t want to forget Pocahontas in the line of Princesses. Any of these characters are ideal for girl costumes for children, teens or women.

There are many Cinderella stories but the one that I remember best featured a sweet beautiful young woman who lived with an evil stepmother and two greedy stepsisters who treated her as a slave.

The charming Prince was on the lookout for wife and he invited all single girls to a ball so that he could meet them and choose a wife to become the Princess of the land. As her stepsisters were getting ready for the ball, they made fun of her saying that a maid like her couldn’t go to the ball.

After the stepsisters left for the ball, a Fairy Godmother appeared before Cinderella, destined to prepare her to be the most beautiful girl at the ball.

Mice, rats and lizards were turned in horses, a coachman and footmen to accompany Cinderella in her coach that was magically created from a pumpkin at the switch of the Godmother’s wand. The girl’s ragged clothes were turned into a beautiful gown and the infamous pair of glass slippers.

At the ball, she was the only girl that captured the Prince’s attention. She was warned by the Godmother that the spell would break at the strike of midnight, so she hurriedly left the ball before the clock struck twelve losing one glass slipper.

clock showing nearly midnight
Due to the Prince being entranced by the girl, a sweep of the kingdom was made to find the girl that could wear the glass slipper who would become the Prince’s wife.

Of course, Cinderella was found to be the girl of the Prince’s dreams and they were married to live happily ever after.

This story is so sweet and it also has a moral. It teaches girls to be gracious even if they are not treated right. In the end of the story, Cinderella forgave her cruel stepsisters and she was rewarded with treasures, including her own Prince Charming, and a happy life.

Now, your girl will look absolutely gorgeous and gracious in a Cinderella costume. Perhaps a sibling or a friend can dress in a Prince Charming costume or as one of the other characters of the story. A magical night awaits them!

Does the glass slipper fit your daughter’s foot? If so, she might be destined to be the beauty of the night in a Cinderella Costume.