Clone Trooper costume

The Clone Trooper costume is starting to overtake the ever-popular classic Storm Trooper as the outfit of choice for many Star Wars fans.

Clone Trooper outfits have a little more color and style than the basic Storm Trooper costumes from the original Star Wars trilogy.

What’s the difference between Clone Troopers and Storm Troopers?

Aren’t Clone Troopers and Storm Troopers the same thing?

Well, yes and no. The Clones eventually became the Storm Troopers, the army of the Empire. But in Episodes 1 and 2, the Clone Troopers are the “good guys,” working on the same side as the Jedi.

The first clone trooper uniforms were based on the armor of bounty hunter Jango Fett, whose DNA was used to create the clones. There are actually many different kinds of clone trooper outfit, due to the changing of outfits over time and the colors and styles worn by soldiers of various ranks.

The basic Clone Trooper costume

Of course, being clones, most of the troopers look exactly the same!
One of the standard outfits for a basic clone soldier looks similar to the basic white armor of the storm troopers from the old movies, but with some color added.

The uniform is made up of white armor plates and helmet over a black body suit, with blue shoulder pads and blue lines down the center of the helmet and chest plate.

Other common clone trooper costumes are completely white. In terms of materials, it’s possible to find very realistic looking costumes for kids which are made entirely of hard plastic.

Others simply have white fabric in the shape of white armor plates, sewn onto the black under suit.

In terms of helmets, you can find some very detailed clone trooper head gear sold on its own which mimics the movies perfectly.

Did you know that there are also basic white trooper costumes for toddlers?
These are typically made of a soft one-piece suit with armor printed on, as well as a soft mask or hood.

That makes for one cute little Clone!

Commander Cody

Commander Cody is one of the most popular clones from the prequel trilogy. His costume stands out because rather than being plain white, it also has some orange markings on the legs, chest, shoulders and helmet.

The shape of the helmet is also different from that of a regular trooper. Again, it’s possible to find very detailed and realistic Commander Cody outfits.

Leader Rex

Leader Rex is another important trooper in the movies. While he has blue markings on his armor like a basic trooper, they form different patterns – most noticeably on his helmet.

He also has strips of fabric that hang down the outer sides of his legs, and extra armor in a collar around his neck and on his shoulders.

Clone Trooper weapons

Of course, no trooper is complete without his blaster!
You can find a variety of clone trooper blasters, many of which look realistic (although brightly colored) and make laser sounds when the trigger is pulled.