Let’s dress up in a cowgirl costume!

Every little girl wants a cowgirl costume at one time or another. Choosing “the look” is the challenge. There are so many alternatives to choose from. Which one will put a smile on your little cowgirl’s face?

Cartoon flair, gun slinger style, or would a good ole’ pair of Wranglers with cowboy (oops – cowgirl) boots and a hat do the job?

Would she like to wear real cowgirl boots with spurs attached like the working cowgirls? Or is she more like a rodeo queen?

I know, you think she’s a princess, but choose the style that she would like best. When it comes to costumes, your child’s comfort wearing it is beyond important.

Annie Oakley cowgirl costume

If your girl isn’t into cartoon style, she might want to dress in an Annie Oakley costume with that classic fringed suede leather skirt and vest (or a simulated version).
Here’s some Annie Oakley action:

Annie Oakley in 1894, performing in a shooting exhibition.
Oakley was a gun slinger who starred in Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show in the 1800’s and I guess she was the first female superstar in America.

She’s famous for being a sharpshooter using a .22 caliber rifle. If this style tickles your little girl, make sure that she has toy rifle as a prop and of course, a wide brimmed cowgirl hat with a star badge.

These two links open a new browser window for you to compare the Annie look:

Check out this wonderful Library of Congress photo of Annie Oakley – no fringed skirt here, but notice the stiff white collar, her shooting medals pinned onto her blouse, and her strong leather gloves.
You can also find some interesting details of Annie’s outfit from the PBS American Experience pages about Annie Oakley.
This cowgirl costume style can be altered by using a pistol and holster making the gun slinger cowgirl a hit at any party.

For a homemade Annie Oakley costume, I would recommend the following as a checklist:

Full skirt (have you got an plain, old, long skirt hidden in your wardrobe you could alter?) Add a fringe if you’re going for that look.
Plain blouse with collar.
If you’re going for the fringed look, add a waistcoat or use a blouse with fringed sleeves.
Sash belt – you could use a long scarf.
Tights and flat shoes. Annie wore more solid shoes with spats – if you can find spats to fit your child… but “flatties” are infinitely more practical 🙂
Cowgirl hat with a pretty star badge pinned to the brim.
Medals – why not make your own! Cut out medal shapes from card, cover with gold or silver foil, or use gold/silver paint. Use stickers to decorate. Alternatively, buy some toy medals. You don’t need as many as Annie for this kids’ cowgirl costume- two or three would create the effect.
If you don’t want to pin the medals onto the blouse, get a cowgirly shawl, drape it around the neck, and pin them onto that.

Don’t forget Annie’s gun!
Or how about a modern rodeo queen?

Another version that your girl might like is the modern rodeo queen style. This style can feature a skirt or jeans, a vest, cowgirl boots and a cowgirl hat. You can even get boots and spurs in pink for your girlie girls!
rodeo queen costume
I like this picture because you could turn your cowgirl hat into a kind of crown! Very cool indeed!

A stick horse might add to the excitement along with a rope for roping calves – maybe a bandana tied around the neck or to hold up a ponytail. If you like, check out my ideas for horse costumes where you’ll find ideas for hobby horse costumes.

Of course, you have to teach your girl to say, “Howdy” with a Texan drawl. How cute is that?

Get your cowgirl ready for the roundup with an awe-inspiring cowgirl costume that will be a hit with her friends.

Cowgirl Jessie

Do you remember Jessie from the Toy Story?

She was the abandoned toy who first appeared in Toy Story 2 as the female counterpart to the famous Woody cowboy toy character. She looked awesome in her cow print chaps with her red hair made into ponytail braid with a yellow bow, big green eyes and her signature red cowgirl hat. Of course the look was completed with cowgirl boots.

On top of her famous yodeling, her memorable quotes include:

“I can’t do storage again! I won’t go back in the dark!” …and…”Take it back!”… Her statement after Woody called her a liar and she pounced on him.

Most little girls would be thrilled to dress like Jessie or they might like a costume with a horse built in. When I saw it I couldn’t help giggling!

She will be adorable dressed as a cowgirl and it is sure to be memorable experience. Don’t forget to take pictures for her scrapbook. I’m sure she’ll love to share it with others in the future.

cowgirl costume
There are many styles to go with that any little girl would love. You know your girl best. What suits her fancy?