Cute baby animal costumes

Baby animal costumes are such a cute way to dress up your toddler or young child!

Bunnies, lions and tigers are all popular choices when it comes to baby animals – there are even otter costumes to be found!

Let’s dive in and take a look at some of the choices when it comes to baby animal dress-up.

Bunny costumes

Bunnies are popular for toddlers, and there’s plenty of variety! You can find blue or pink bunny outfits for boys and girls. Some bunny costumes are particularly fluffy… others are smoother and shinier.

bunny baby animal costume
And some bunnies have grown up to be gray rabbits, eating big plush carrots. Your babe might even like to pretend to be Bugs Bunny for the occasion!

Your baby bunny might like to be an Easter bunny in the spring, or wrapped up warm with those long ears if they want to be a Halloween bunny 😉

The costume on the left is very simple, featuring a bunny hat with coordinating top and jogger pants. Add an Easter basket – what could be easier?

This kind of easy costume is ideal for both boys and girls, and great for little toddlers who would love to carry their basket.

Lion and tiger costumes

Some kids don’t want to be a cute and fluffy bunny – they’d rather be king of the jungle!
baby lion costume
If your child prefers animals that growl and bite over ones that hop and nibble, you’re best to take a look at some lion and tiger outfits. Some lion outfits have a bit of a Wizard of Oz Brave Lion look to them with a frilly mane.

Babies look real sweet in a lion costume with huge paws.

How about a dinosaur costume?

Boys particularly love dinosaurs, and the T-Rex is usually the favorite. There’s not much cuter than a baby dinosaur rampaging around the house!

There are some fairly cool dino costumes out there, most of which consist of a single suit with a tail and spikes along the back, and baby’s legs stick out the front.

Bees and bugs

Creepy crawlies can actually provide some inspiration for some great costumes. Bees are a popular choice for toddlers – there standard costume has black and yellow stripes, wings and usually a hood with antenna.

baby ladybug costume
Lady bugs and butterflies provide other good costume choices for little girls.
Butterfly costume are often pink one-pieces with a hood or bonnet with antenna attached.

This ladybug costume is very effective – a shawl hat, popper-fastened body, and striped baby tights. You could use fun bright tights for any kind of baby bug costume.

Teddy bear costume

Kids love cute and cuddly teddy bears, so why not dress up as one?

Good teddy outfits are typically a one-piece brown suit, complete with ears on the hood and paws on the feet. It’s best to get a costume that leaves the hands exposed so the child can easily grab hold of things.

Your little bear might even carry a sackful of honey!

Barnyard animals

If your child loves “Old McDonald Had a Farm,” a cute farmyard animal suit could be just the ticket.

Duckling and baby chick costumes are wonderful.

Cows are another costume you’re bound to come across – these are usually white with black spots, made up of a body suit and a hood or bonnet that straps on.

Frog costumes are fun!

I think one of my personal favorites for a baby animal costume is the frog… I love the color green, and I think frogs are the most fascinating of creatures – probably because I love the story of Mr. Jeremy Fisher by Beatrix Potter!
Here are some more frog costume ideas.

Don’t forget to take a photo of your little frog sitting on a lilypad 😉

More baby animal costume ideas

The otter is an original and cute costume! Otters have all the cuteness of a cat plus some of the wild animal appeal of a lion. An otter costume should be brown with a long tail and whiskers on the face.

Other animals I have seen that are used as inspiration for baby animal costumes include

…and even a lobster!
So you see – the animal world is your oyster!