Dinosaur costume ideas

A dinosaur costume provides tons of creative opportunities for you and your child – there are so many options to choose from!

Beyond the standard favourite of the T-Rex you can find dino costumes of all shapes and sizes. Whatever your child’s favourite happens to be, from a stegosaurus to a pterodactyl, chances are you can find a costume to suit.

Types of dinosaur costumes

dinosaur costume
Meat eaters and herbivores… flying creatures and ground dwellers… this costume type gives your child plenty of choice.
These costumes also run through a spectrum of very realistic looking designs to comical and cartoonish looks.

Check out the different styles of dinosaurs you can find and see what your child prefers.

Some costumes come with spikes, horns and claws. Some have full head masks with teeth, while some have a hood with an open face or a hat.

You will probably find that most costumes you come across will be one-piece suits that your child has to climb inside, and usually they will be green or brown in color.

Beyond the basic solid greens and browns you can also find more detailed costumes with a camouflage pattern or even with scales drawn on for a realistic look.

If you have a boy who is serious about his dinosaurs, a realistic T-Rex costume could really make him the life of the party. On the other hand, for a younger child a cartoon-style costume googly eyes and a smile might be more suitable.

A little girl may feel more comfortable being a pink dinosaur – a pink costume with spikes and spots fitting a toddler is not difficult to find.


Dragon costumes provide a variation on the dinosaur theme if your child would like something a little more fantasy-oriented.

Again many of these come as one piece suits similar to their dinosaur friends, with the important difference being that dragons have wings. Excellent for the Harry Potter obsessed child.

Rex from Toy Story 3

Your child’s fondness for dinosaurs may come from an attachment for a specific character – and there’s a strong possibility that this character is the lovable Rex from the movie Toy Story 3.

Rex is a tyrannosaurus with a very distinctive look – big legs, big feet, a big snout and a small head and beady little eyes.

If your child refuses to wear a costume that doesn’t resemble Rex, don’t despair – it’s possible to buy costume with this distinctive head and face.

Flintstones Costumes

Perhaps your child is terrified of dinosaurs – hey, I’d be scared of giant lizards too! In that case, a Flintstones character may be a better choice for your kid.

The little girl, Pebbles, is a popular choice, as well as the all-time prehistoric favourite: Fred Flintstone. The Flintstones also provide a great option if the whole family is attending a dress-up party together, as there are older and younger characters to choose from.