Is there a doctor costume in the house?

A doctor costume is a great idea for kid doctors who love hospital games and love treating pretend patients!

And both boys and girls can enter the medical profession simply by wearing this costume!

There’s a range of medical costumes available, which can be broken up into ER-style costumes and the professional looking costumes with white coats.

We’ll also take a look at a few alternative doctor styles.

ER style costume

The emergency room costume is a popular one these days and it’s easy to find a highly realistic ER outfit. ER style clothes will usually be green or blue, with long pants and a long-sleeved shirt.
green er kids costume
Don’t forget your stethoscope, badge, and face mask – very important when performing emergency surgery!

More doctor accessories include a toy syringe, a medical box with bandages and a small packet of antiseptic wipes, cotton wool, and maybe a small tube of cream – just use face cream or something safe for your child to play with!

You may also want to add a hair net or bandanna to the mix.

Other similar costumes look more like the outfits from the TV show Scrubs, with blue or green shorts and pants with a short-sleeved shirt and a matching head cap.

This style of costume can be found in a variety of sizes, from toddler through to older kids and tweens.

White coat costumes

A white coated doctor’s outfit could include green or blue pants and a matching undershirt, although some come with brown or black pants.
white coat doctor costume
You can just use a white coat if you like, and add something smart like a shirt and tie like this young doctor above! This doc is carrying a reference book, or you could use a clipboard.

The coat should be fairly long, ending at about the middle of the child’s thighs.

You can add a colored head cap, a stethoscope, a face mask and a syringe to this doctor costume too.

Some stethoscopes will look realistic with black and silver coloring, while others are brightly colored and more suitable for younger kids.

Alternative doctors

Apart from the traditional, realistic styles of doctor outfits, there are a few unusual and unique styles out there!

One of these is the Zombie doctor, which is a great choice for Halloween.

These doctor costumes are made up of torn scrubs with zombie innards printed on them to give the look of dead flesh.


A Zombie Doctor outfit also comes with a scary mask complete with headcap – and these costumes are available in sizes suiting older kids and teens.

There’s also the ‘Dr. Deranged’ style of costume – a kind of mad doctor with black blood-stained gloves, black scrubs, black gloves and a scary face mask. Again this is a great Halloween choice for boys in the 7 to 10 year age range.