Ancient Egyptian Costumes

Egyptian costume choices are so extravagant. Did you know that Egypt is called the “Mother of Civilization”?

The ancient civilization is known for a lot of “firsts”.

Ancient Egypt was the first civilization to document laws, stories and philosophies and their poetry was amazing.

They managed to create their own alphabet and decimal system and they were extremely gifted in architecture, proven by the Great Pyramids of Giza and the Egyptian temples.

Pharaoh costumes

Egyptians of high status dressed lavishly with lots of gold and accents.
The Pharaoh, who ruled by the divine right of kings, wore a tunic (sometimes accented with Egyptian print) with a gold belt and a headpiece, usually striped with a gold band.

Here’s a picture depicting three Egyptian pharaohs:

pharaoh egyptian costume

Notice the arm bands and the gold edgings and decoration on the white tunic. And those collars are fantastic, aren’t they?

King Tut is probably the pharaoh that I have heard about most.

His actual name was Tutankhamun. He took the throne at a very young age and mysteriously died when he was about eighteen. Here is a mask of Tutenkhamun:

king tut
The royal cobra appeared on the headset of the mask that was found in King Tut’s tomb. The Curse of the Pharaohs is widely known as the fate of grave robbers who disturb the preserved mummies – something that the Egyptians practiced in burials of people of high social status.

Mummy costumes (wrapped in bandages) are also popular and can be considered to be an Egyptian costume.

Cleopatra is the best known woman of Ancient Egypt. She’s been called the Queen of Egypt and Queen of the Nile. She was actually the last Pharaoh of Egypt before it came under Roman rule.
A Cleopatra costume usually consists of a solid-colored robe with a sash and a matching collar, arm bands and cloak. Of course a queen-like headpiece adds to the look along with fancy gold bracelets or a snake armband.

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You can see some of these features on this depiction of Queen Nefertiti, making an offering to the god Isis:

queen nefertiti

You could use Egyptian hieroglyphs like those in the picture above to decorate parts of your costume, too!

Egyptian costume accessories

Egyptian sandals are appropriate for both boys and girls along with chains and bracelets.
Earrings and purses can be added for the girls, and it seems that Egyptians were thrilled with snakes… er… a toy one will do!

An Egyptian costume for male or female is not complete without the signature black eyeliner. Not necessarily for peasants, slaves or mummies, but for Pharaohs and Queens makeup was a big thing.

If you choose for your child to be an Egyptian warrior, daggers are a must have. Someone has to protect the Pharaohs, the Queens and Kings and their tombs you know.

Walk like an Egyptian, and dress up like one!
Weren’t the ancient Egyptians amazing? Living by the Nile River, they found a way to route the water to irrigate their fields which was a tremendous development for agriculture which is still used today. They were very artistic. They even built the first known ships.
Social status was clearly displayed in the community ranging from peasant to the Pharaoh and there were also slaves. This gives a wide variety of costumes to choose from.

Have fun dressing your kids up like Egyptians and teach them a little history while you are at it. Kids love studying ancient history and the Ancient Egyptians are a fascinating topic that I’m sure your kids will remember in the future. Who knows? You might be raising a future historian!