Fairy costume ideas

These fairy costume ideas are fantastic for costume parties or trick or treating, and they make awesome costumes for plays and making believe.

Girls are amazed by mythical creatures such as fairies.

In fairytales, literature and legends, most fairies are beautiful, magical, winged creatures.

They often have a special purpose, protecting nature or someone special, for instance.

They’re often surrounded by stunning flowers or are illustrated in natural environments. What kind of fairy would your child like to be?

Here’s a beautiful flower fairy!

flower fairy costume idea
She’s wearing a gorgeous fairy dress with wings – and notice the flowers in her hair – wonderful!

A simpler dress with fairy accessories can be just as effective.

The fairy craze seems to have been around forever. Many blockbuster films feature these winged beauties.

You will see them in:

A Midsummer Night’s Dream
Fairy Tale
Peter Pan
The Fairy King
The Magical Legend of the Leprechauns
There are even documentaries like The Fairy Faith – A breathtaking odyssey about fairies and those who believe in them.

So, if your youngster wants to be fairy, how do you come up with a beautiful costume?

You can buy complete costumes, or you can make your own. Or – why not do a “combo” of a couple of purchased items plus a home made wand or tulle skirt? See what you think about these fairy costume ideas:

pink fairy with wings and wand
I recommend starting with the accessories…

First, you need some wings

The wings really set the design of a fairy costume. They will help you choose the style and the color that you will be working with. There are many to choose from.

They come in Pixie style, iridescent, fall colors, spring colors, black, feathered, ruffled, cellophane, there are even “evil faerie” wings.

Next comes choosing the wand

The wings will determine what type of wand will complement the costume. It is desired outcome cutsie, pretty, innocent, evil… choose a wand that fits the overall style.

After you have chosen the wings and wand, creating everything else becomes so easy.

The dress needs to match the wings and wand

Tights might be appropriate. Shoes are needed – ballerina shoes, heels or boots that go along with the theme.

A leotard and tutu is another fairy costume idea – in this pic you end up with a dark fairy costume, which could also be original, but you get the idea:

fairy tutu costume
Add some decorative fairy magic!

Hair clips or hairpieces add to the overall look of the costume. You might even find that antennas are appropriate:
toddler butterfly fairy with antenna
This tot’s costume is very simple indeed – a pretty top, tulle skirt/tutu, antennas on a headband and a wand that looks like a butterfly.

Find out more about a fairy butterfly costume.

Jewelry or chokers are often used along with fairy costumes. Extravagant makeup might also improve the look. An enchanted fairy definitely needs glitter which is available in gel for application to the face and body or in hairspray for an added touch of glamour to a hairstyle.
Or how about a fairy headband? You can attach either fresh, dried, or fabric flowers, or flower embellishments, and this can look so pretty!
fairy headband
This headband goes around the forehead and uses silk ribbon – or you might consider lace. Refreshing and original.

Need some more fairy costume ideas?

What style fits the personality of your toddler, child or teen?

Fairy costumes ideas for infants, toddlers and young kids

baby fairy costume
For toddlers and infants, really premade costumes are best.
Most times, the wings are attached to the costume, sometimes sewn into the fabric, because toddlers haven’t learned how to keep up with and take care of detachable accessories.

If you choose to make your own costume with the premade wings, make sure that the wings are designed for toddlers or infants.

Otherwise, they will be uncomfortable for the little one to wear and they will just become a headache.

toddler fairy
If your toddler is into watching Sesame Street, they will love to dress up as Abby Cadabby.

A Tinkerbell costume is also loved by most little ones… and is also extremely popular with most other age groups too!

Flower and sugarplum fairies are popular among parents of toddlers and infants.

I have even seen toddlers dressed up as a cupcake fairy – so cute!

Fairy costume ideas for Your Little Girl

Choosing a theme for the costume can be as easy as choosing a season – summer, spring, fall, or winter and using your imagination to create a unique costume for your little fairy.

Or how about these ideas for a fairy costume theme:

If your girl is a lover of nature or pets, a woodland fairy costume would light her up.
Weather or day/night fairies – how about dressing up as a sunshine fairy, lightening bolt fairy, snow fairy… or a “daytime” fairy with a sun or cloud themed costume, or even a “night-time fairy” with the moon and stars!
A dream fairy – I always imagine a dream fairy as wearing long, flowing skirts, ribbons around her wrists, with long flowing hair or ribbons tied into her hair, and very large wings that help her to fly silently around people dreaming.
Jewel fairies look after precious stones and metals – at least, that’s what I’ve always been told 😉 Get out your toy tiaras, bracelets, necklaces, pendants, brooches, earrings, fake diamonds and pearls, and jewel encrusted purses!
Movie fairies – For siblings or friends, you might choose to mimic movie characters such as Tinkerbelle, a Magical Mermaid, Peter Pan and Captain Hook or the Fairytale princess and the Renaissance maiden.
Disney fairies are also well-like by most girls. Tinkerbelle, along with her friends Terence, Silvermist, Rosetta, Iridessa, Fawn, and Vidia make an awesome birthday party along with movies, music, games and party accessories. The Disney fairies dolls collector pack makes awesome party favors for your girl and her friends.
Teen and Tween Fairies

forest fairy
Teens and tweens are a bit harder to please because they have their own ideas.
When they say, “I want to be a fairy”, I guarantee they have their own vision in mind. As a parent, you will have to explore that to see what they are really thinking.

Otherwise, you might end up spending a lot of money to buy a costume that they will refuse to wear because it is “uncool or cheesy”.

You might find that their idea is fairytale based, season or nature based, humor based, horror based, or they might just want to look innocent or sexy.

With teens and tweens, a fairy costume can range anywhere from Tinkerbell to a graveyard fairy.

Some teens will love the forest fairy look above – all greens, with a huge sky blue bow around the waist, and a headband.

black gothic fairy
The black fairy look to the right is rather dark angel style, but you can see the idea.

The face paint/eye detail is very effective, and other than wearing black clothing/black wings, and adding make up or jewelry, there’s not too much to worry about here.

Your teen could add some contrasting headpiece, pendant, some fun earrings, for example – an interesting costume to play around with, particularly if there are friends around to give their opinions!

A couple more fairy costume ideas for this age group are skulls and stars, beyond popular in the teen generation, and dragon fairies.

You might find out that your teen is entering the elegance stage by their choices of a fancy fairy teen costume or an elegant metallic fairy teen costume. Or you might be lucky in finding out that they are still into cutesy by a choice of pumpkin pixie costume.

This fairy costume idea is all elegance – the long straight dress fairy costume:

elegant long dress fairy
Regardless of their chosen style, exploring your teen’s tastes in costumes can be enlightening to you as a parent. It opens the door for conversations to address concerns of your child’s enthusiasm with the “dark side” of life and helping them understand the difference in fantasy and real life.

At any rate, mythical fairies make awesome costumes for every age. Fairies are featured in movies and television shows, fairytales, games, and fairy collectibles are widespread. The fascination with these magical winged creatures is not just a trend; they have been a feature of fantasies for centuries.

Creating fairy costumes is tons of fun and a great way of relating with your kids. Exploring your imagination and that of the children will result in amazing costumes that will be enjoyable.

I hope you’ve found these fairy costume ideas useful.