Firefighter costume

Dressing up in a firefighter costume is a dream come true for a lot of kids.

Fighting fires is one of those jobs many children will give in response to the question, “What do you want to do when you grow up?”

Not only does it give your child a chance to act out his or her imagination, it’s also very cute to watch from an adult perspective!

Kids’ firefighter basics

Both boys and girls can dress up as firefighters, and the classic firefighter costume comes with a jacket, pants, and a helmet.
Colors can vary – red costumes like the one below are popular, or you might find an all black costume with yellow horizontal stripes, or a tan look with yellow reflective stripes… or yellow costumes, too!

firefighter costume
For footwear, your kid can wear black or brown boots – or you can purchase “boot tops” – big shoe covers that go over the top of your shoes to make them look like firefighter boots.
The most important part of the costume is the helmet. Most costumes come with plastic firefighter helmets, and your helmet should be worn so that the long peak points towards the back.

Some helmets will come with an emblem on the front. The more realistic costumes have the real insignia of a city fire department on the helmet and chest.

Some costumes don’t have a plastic helmet – instead they have a floppy hat resembling the helmet shape, just like this boy is wearing. Others simply come with a baseball cap style hat in a color matching the outfit.

Baby firefighter costumes

Even babies can be firefighters these days! You can find lots of different color costumes for them too, with button-up booties to complete the look.
Or a firefighter-style bunting for babies who are still crawling is another good idea. A bunting can look similar to a design for older children, but without legs holes. These costumes sometimes come with a floppy helmet or baseball cap.

Firefighter accessories

A good firefighter is nothing without his tools. Many costumes will come with an accessory, or you can buy them separately.

The most common accessories that go well with a firefighting costume are a small axe or a fire extinguisher.

The boy in the picture above has a whistle – now, kids love whistles, so I’m sure this would be a great addition 😉

He’s also wearing a badge – you could make one with your child’s name on it.

I’ve also seen a firehose backpack you can add to this costume! Or how about carrying a bucket?

A little face paint or make-up can be used to blacken the child’s face a little, to make it look as if he or she is fresh from a firefight.

Of course, you can also buy separate helmets if the one that comes with the costume isn’t satisfactory. There are even helmets available with flashing lights and siren noises!