A frog costume for kids

The frog costume is a great favorite for younger kids, especially toddlers, as their proportions make them look extra cute in a little green frog suit!

There are plenty of general frog outfits on the market, or you might like to put together a frog costume yourself.

There are also costumes depicting famous frogs, such as the much-loved Kermit from Sesame Street and the Frog Prince.

Frogs are fun! They ribbit or croak, they jump around, and they love eating bugs and worms!

So here are some ideas on how to dress up boy or girl frogs, be they baby, tot, pretty princess or older kid!

Babies and young children

Many of the frog outfits you’ll find are designed for toddlers as the frog lends itself well to little people, especially babies who are still crawling or just learning to walk.

toddler frog costume
Some toddler frog suits leave the hands and feet exposed, so shoes or green slippers can be used with them.
Other suits cover the whole body including the hands and feet, leaving just the face showing.

These full suits can add an extra element of cuteness as the baby tries to pick things up with frog hands.

Most frog suits are mainly green – but some have parts with brighter colors like orange and some have spots.
Kids’ frog costumes

For a homemade frog costume, you can choose a whole array of bright color combos – yellow and green, yellow and black, blue and black, green with red eyes, red with black spots… so I think you can feel free to design your own frog costume!
This little girl has a set of buggy frog eyes, and a yellow and green outfit – simple. Maybe she’s carrying a large cutout lilypad leaf to sit on?

frog costume
Frog Princes and Princesses!

Frog Prince outfits are usually made up of a green full-body suit with a gold spiky crown attached. Most involve a hood which leaves the face exposed, and most also have big googly eyes attached.
Frog Prince costumes come in many sizes from baby through to adult – it’s even possible to find Frog Prince costumes for dogs, complete with royal purple cape!

And here’s a Frog Princess costume for girls, using a princess themed costume with a froggy addition:

frog princess costume
Girls might also like to dress up in a…

…Princess Tiana costume!

Princess Tiana is the princess from The Princess and the Frog and is the latest idol of many young girls around the world.

Popular Princess Tiana costumes are made up of a green royal ballroom-style dress with long green gloves and a tiara.

Others don’t feature a long gown but involve a shorter, shiny green dress.

Some Tiana costumes have a large tiara and a flower pinned to the dress.

To get the look right the hair should be pulled up in a bun to sit behind the tiara.

Princess Tiana hairbands in the shape of flowers can also be bought separately.

Kermit the Frog costume

Kermit is one of the longest-lived TV figures that children and many parents know and love.

A standard Kermit the Frog outfit for a toddler may look quite similar to a regular frog suit, but the difference is the neck, face and coloring.

Kermit’s skin is light green and he has frills around his neck.

Kermit also as the distinct ‘muppet’ shaped face with a pointy mouth and distinct black and white eyes.

Toddler Kermit suits usually have a hood with an open face – you can also find more detailed Kermit masks that cover the whole head.