Want to dress up in a girl pirate costume?

Your little girl or teenage daughter would look fabulous in a girl pirate costume.
Adventure and action isn’t only intended for boys and the girls don’t always have to be a princess or a damsel in distress.

They can be a high seas buccaneer, a Caribbean pirate or a treasure hunter. There is no reason that boys should have all the fun!

Girl pirates costume ideas

A girl pirate costume can be created in many different styles.
For instance, you can turn a ballerina tutu outfit into a pirate costume or you can use dresses, tops and skirts to make a feminine pirate.

Red, black, white, and grey are the most popular colors for pirate costumes, but pink, brown or yellow will do just as well.

No matter what clothing is used, the accessories make the costume! You could accessorize your piratess with

a pirate hat or a headscarf
belts, long swords, pistol holsters and pistols
a pirate’s eye patch
a fake parrot…
…and don’t forget that jewelry can also complement the outfit, after all, pirates are treasure hunters and they love jewels and coins!
From Jack to Jackie Sparrow

With the recent Disney movie of Pirates of the Caribbean starring Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow with his long black hair and thick black eyeliner and a world of adventures, your girl might want to be “Jackie Sparrow”. How cute is that?

This type of costume is easy to put together.

Long, black hair is a must and can be created by using a wig if the girl has short hair. Temporary hair dye might do for long hair, but sometimes it is hard to rinse out. I would rather use tinted hairspray if the girl has long hair and doesn’t like wearing a wig.

Beads can be braided into the hair and be sure to deck the girl out with gaudy jewelry.

She can wear a standard pirate’s hat or a head scarf to pick up the style.

A white blouse with puffy sleeves topped with a vest over trousers would be excellent or you might consider a long jacket.

Boots with the pants tucked in would add to the look. If you don’t have any boots, you might consider purchasing boot covers – same look for a lot less money.

While for boys, it is would be complementary to add a mustache and a beard, that isn’t necessary for girls – although take a look at this tough girl pirate below:

tough girl pirate
Wow! Check out that eye patch – I’m sure your daughter would be thrilled with one of those. That is something that makes pirates look tough.

There is a rhinestone eye patch that is perfect for a piratess like Jackie Sparrow!

If she prefers to be more like Elizabeth from the show, there are also costumes available for purchase in that style.

If your girl isn’t thrilled with the “tough girl” look, she could dress in a costume that is more feminine but still pirate like. A black costume with skulls and crossbones is kind of gothic style and can be used as girl’s pirate costume.

Girlie girls would love a pirate costume decorated with pink skulls or perhaps her taste reflects a pirate maiden.

I love this girl pirate costume below – the ripped top and skirt, with head scarf, sword, and a little make up – feminine, but action-packed!

girl pirate in blouse and skirt
Or how about this oh-so-feminine pink and black girl pirate costume:

pink and black pirate costume
Some pirate “gossip”

Pirates are known for engaging in robbery from ships on the high sea. Pirates raided ships and took treasures which they supposedly buried to secure their fortunes. Basically, they are criminals. But in modern times, they are best known as treasure hunters.

It seems that every pirate is hunting for a treasure. One they buried or perhaps looking for someone else’s riches. Traditionally, the pirates divided the riches that they accumulated with the crew of their ship according to rank.

Piracy still happens in the modern world, but it is still illegal. In the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, punishment for piracy was a public execution done by hanging. People actually got all dressed up and went to see the execution by hanging of the pirates that got caught and sentenced to death. It was a sense of entertainment.

If a pirate was high in the ranks, captains for instance, their bodies were left hanging in public view until they rotted. William Kidd and Charles Vane were not as lucky Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean. He escaped the execution before he ended up “dancing the hempen jig”.

While you probably don’t want to concentrate on the fact that pirates are actually criminals, it is fun for the kids to dress up in pirate costumes.

It gives them a sense of adventure. Pirates have been used in many children’s films including Peter Pan which starred the hook-armed Captain Hook. When I was a child, I remember Pippi Longstocking taking on pirates with her amazing super strength. A girl pirate costume will be a memorable costume, that’s for sure!