A Han Solo costume for boy heros!

Dressing up in a Han Solo costume is a fantasy for many kids fascinated by space and technology.

Han is the pilot of the Millennium Falcon, the ship used by the heroes of the Star Wars movies throughout the original trilogy.

Han is one of the most popular Star Wars characters because of his sharp tongue and “lone wolf” attitude. Han Solo’s outfit is fairly easy to replicate, so it’s a nice simple choice whether the event be a sci-fi convention, a birthday party or Halloween.

Han Solo costume details

Han wears a long-sleeved shirt with a turned-up collar and plunging V-neck. The shirt should be colored very light brown or cream. This is covered with a dark brown waistcoat with pockets on both sides of the chest.

On the bottom half, Han wears blue track pants with an orange stripe down the outside of the leg.

On his feet he wears black leather boots.

He also wears a loose-fitting belt with a holster for his laser pistol – some deluxe store-bought costumes will include this feature, but many don’t. It’s fairly easy to add your own belt to a ready-made costume if there isn’t one included.

Getting the hair right is also important for a Han Solo outfit. He has brown hair, parted in the middle – but it should be a messy parting, not too neat – so boys will love this!

Han Solo accessories

To complete your Han Solo costume, you’ll need a blaster. This looks a lot like a modern day pistol. Some Han Solo pistols that you can buy include orange pieces so they won’t be mistaken for a real gun. In the movies, Han’s blaster is completely black.

Han’s story

In the Star Wars films, Han Solo is essentially a “hired gun.”

He’s a smuggler and a mercenary who doesn’t care much about anything other than money. He’s not interested in helping Luke and Leia with their struggle against the Empire and Darth Vader – he just wants to get paid.

He enters the story when Obi Wan Kenobi and Luke Skywalker commission him to take them to Alderaan – but the trouble starts almost immediately, and the ship only narrowly escapes being blown to pieces by the Empire’s star destroyers.

As the story unfolds over the trilogy, Han’s attitude changes somewhat. He develops feelings for Princess Leia and becomes emotionally caught up in the battle that’s going on for the future of the galaxy.

Han’s ship: the Millennium Falcon

Of course, your child probably won’t want to lug a spaceship around all day while in costume – but it’s good to know something about the ship which Han Solo pilots.

The Millennium Falcon was originally built as a freight ship, but ended up becoming involved of many of the biggest space battles throughout the Star Wars trilogy. Though it began its life as a humble freight transport ship, Han Solo made extensive upgrades to it after he won it in a card game from Lando Calrissian.

These upgrades included adding extra armor and weapons – which turned out to be a very smart move!