Zoom around on a Harry Potter Broom!

The Harry Potter broom is a very important part of any complete Harry Potter costume.

This is especially true if your child wants a “Quidditch Harry” costume, as of course the magical sport is played on a broomstick.

The broom also plays an important part in many of the key scenes from the Harry Potter books – without him brooms, Harry and his friends may have come to a sticky end on many occasions. Remember that dragon in the Goblet of Fire? Phew!

Harry’s broomsticks

Harry has several different broomsticks throughout the seven books that make up the Harry Potter series – the most impressive one is the Firebolt. Harry’s original broom was the Nimbus 2000.

Harry’s Firebolt has a very special place in his heart because he received it as a gift from his godfather Sirius Black, the closest thing to a father Harry ever knew.

The Firebolt is the broom Harry rode as captain of the Gryffindor Quidditch team. If your child is younger, the Nimbus 2000 might be a more fitting broomstick as this was the broom Harry rode in the beginning. For an older child, the Firebolt can give a more “grown-up Harry” feeling. The Harry Potter books cover seven years of Harry’s life, so the character can be different depending on your child’s age.


Quidditch is Harry’s favourite sport. It’s a game where two teams compete to catch a small flying golden ball called the Golden Snitch. On each team there is a seeker, who is the player that has to catch the snitch. Harry is a seeker. The seeker has to be very light and fast and have excellent vision in order to see where the snitch is as it zips around.

On each team there are also two bludgers. These are large, stronger players with paddles who are allowed to knock other players off course. Opposing them are the other team’s two beaters, whose job it is to keep the bludgers away from their team. You might want to make sure none of the children at the party get too carried away with this idea – you can see how even wizards get hurt playing this sport!

There is also a keeper on each time, who plays the same role as a goalkeeper in soccer. This is the position played by Ron Weasley when he eventually makes his way onto the Gryffindor Quidditch team. His job is to stop the three chasers from scoring goals with the Quaffle. Sound confusing? It is for Muggles like us!

A Harry Potter broomstick can provide some fun ideas for party games. You can organize a real life game of Quidditch (on the ground, of course!), or something more simple such as a basic broom race. Even without your help your child will no doubt find plenty of imaginative ways to enjoy zipping around on his magical broom.