Harry Potter costume fun!

Yes – wearing a Harry Potter costume is fun… and cool, and totally transfiguringly magically brilliant!

Whisk your kids off to Hogwarts, where they can dress up as Harry himself, one of his friends – or enemies – or have the time of their lives with broomsticks, wands, swords, spells or self-stirring cauldrons!

A Harry Potter costume certainly stirs your child’s imagination – and here you can find out the basics of what your son or daughter can wear, and get ideas for some fun accessories to make your costume something really special.

Harry Potter – “The Boy who Lived”

Wow – the title of the very first chapter of the Harry Potter stories certainly grabbed my attention! We learn that Harry survived Lord Voldemort’s curse as a baby – and the title also cleverly hints at what happens right at the end of the book!
And it’s here that we are told about Harry’s lightening bolt scar – so if your child is going to be Harry, they’ll want to add this wonderful detail! There are Harry Potter makeup kits and scar tattoos available, or you can use your own makeup on your child.

You’ll also want to make sure your child is wearing a pair of Harry Potter glasses.

What about the costume itself?

The school uniform
This is simple – gray trousers or skirt, a grey v-neck sweater, white blouse or shirt, and a tie and scarf.
Find ideas for Gryffindor costumes, including Quidditch costumes for Gryffindor house.

The robe
There are some great Harry Potter robes for kids that you can purchase, or you could make a black robe yourself and add a Gryffindor crest.
Your child doesn’t have to add the robe as well – the uniform would be fine by itself. If your child prefers the robe, then plain, school-type outfit under the robe would pass muster too.

Harry Potter costumes for other characters

Most of the boys of course want to dress up as Harry himself.
Girls might fancy themselves in a

Hermione Granger costume
Luna Lovegood costume
or a Bellatrix costume
More character ideas for kids include Ron, Fred, or George Weasley, Neville Longbottom, Professor McGonagall, Voldemort… or even Hedwig!

More Harry Potter costume accessories

Harry Potter broom
Don’t forget your broomstick! How we’d all love to fly on one of those… and it’s such a fun accessory. Here’s some info about which broom to choose and how to use it at your party.

Harry Potter lantern
Trick or treaters might enjoy taking a lantern along with them, and a Harry Potter style lantern would really add that magical atmosphere.

Harry Potter sorting hat
The sorting hat is another unforgettable joy from the saga, and there are some fun games you can play at a party with it. You can use a witch or wizard’s hat of course or buy a custom made version.

Harry Potter wand
No witch or wizard feels safe without their wand – and don’t kids just love leaping about casting spells at each other!