Harry Potter glasses

Harry Potter glasses are an essential part of any HP costume.
They are one of Harry’s defining features and one of those aspects of his appearance that make him stand out, just like his trademark lightning bolt scar.

And kids just love wearing them!

But… not any old glasses will do for a good Harry Potter costume!

Harry’s glasses have a very distinct look that should be matched for your child’s costume to really look like the real thing.

The classic Harry glasses have large, circular wire frames. Square frames just won’t cut it for a Harry costume.

Likewise, try to avoid glasses with frames that are too thick. Harry’s frames are quite thin and light.

Make sure you don’t get glasses with oval frames – to be really true to the books and movies, Harry’s glasses need to be two circles.

Getting your Harry Potter glasses

Most Harry Potter costumes come with glasses included, and typically these are plastic glasses, easily bendable or breakable, and with plastic lenses or no lenses at all.

As an alternative to this, you can try to find a pair of real glasses with no lenses. Some people remove the lenses if they’re in, but I wouldn’t recommend this, from a safety point of view.

Don’t use a pair of glasses with corrective lenses either… sounds obvious, but if you’re racing around in a panic, the thought might occur to you, lol! But trying to look through corrective lenses made for somebody else can hurt your child’s eyes and blur his vision – and then he might fall over. Hmmmm, not good!

“Ive lost my glasses!

I must say this a thousand times a day, but if your child loses their Harry Potter glasses – that’s much more serious!
Does your child lose or break things easily?

Prevention is better than cure – so remind your child several times before the occasion that they must keep their glasses on their nose as much as possible!

And if you think the glasses are likely to end up in pieces before the end of the party, you might be better to opt for a cheap plastic variety.

This is also something to consider if there will be activities at the party that include running around or lots of movement, as you don’t want to deal with the possibility of broken glasses if your child falls over or bumps into something.

Don’t forget the spell to mend any broken Harry Potter glasses:

Oculus Reparo!
And I suppose that if you’ve lost them, this might work:

Accio glasses!