Add a Harry Potter lantern to your costume

A Harry Potter lantern is an excellent addition to any budding wizard’s party costume.

A lantern helps to create the atmosphere of the magical and mysterious world of Hogwarts, where fire is the preferred form of lighting over electricity.

A little lamp can be the perfect prop to add to a Harry Potter costume to create a more believable effect and make your child stand out above the rest!

The lantern in Harry Potter

The Harry Potter lantern is an item which has played and important role in some of Harry’s quests throughout the series of stories.

In the very first story, Harry must sneak into the restricted section of the library to learn important information that isn’t available to the younger students. The lantern provides the light Harry needs to sneak in and find the information he needs, which eventually helps him solve the puzzle and foil Voldemort’s plan for the first time.

Your child will enjoy sneaking around a darkened house with a lantern (battery-operated of course, as described below!)

This is part of the magic and beauty of the Harry Potter series – small details twist and turn together to make the story more complex, keeping children hooked and wondering what will happen next.

In the same book, the lantern helps light the way when Harry and Draco venture into the Forbidden Forest for their detention with the friendly giant and gamekeeper of Hogwarts, Hagrid. The lantern is the light that unveils the terrible creatures of the forest. It’s a device from a different world, separate from our own reliance on electric torches and light bulbs. Fire and magic are very closely linked in the world of wizardry.

What kind of lantern should you choose?

Many lanterns that can be used as part of a Harry Potter costume will be made of plastic with a small, battery-powered electric bulb inside. This is definitely the safest option, and it means your child can carry it around and have fun without you worrying about them.

If you’re considering using a real lantern with live flame for a Harry Potter party, this would really only work if the lantern sits on a table as part of the decor, and with plenty of adult supervision. Don’t let your child walk around with one of these!