Harry Potter Sorting Hat

The Harry Potter Sorting Hat is the magical piece of clothing that decides which house each new student at Hogwarts School will belong to.

The four houses are more than just fun divisions for sports and contests – they also play an important part in the heroic journey of Harry and his friends as they battle the evil Voldemort!

How does the Sorting Hat work? Good question! We do know that the Sorting Hat decides which house each student should be in based on their character and personality, and this decision affects the way the stories of each character pan out.

A Sorting Hat is also an excellent fun prop to add to a Harry Potter themed birthday party as it can be used to divide kids into teams for party games through the day.

Sorting Hat Songs

In the first book, the sorting hat seems like a little bit of fun. But as each book goes on and Harry’s story moves forward, the Sorting Hat’s songs at the beginning of each new Hogwarts year carry a deeper meaning.

This is part of the reason the Harry Potter series have captured the imagination of so many people young and old – the stories “grow up” just as the children reading them do.

If your child would like to have a Sorting Hat accessory with their Harry Potter costume, you might like to prepare a few exerpts of the Sorting Hat’s songs to quote – and the first song is the most well known, starting with

“Oh you may not think me pretty,
But don’t judge on what you see,
I’ll eat myself if you can find
A smarter hat than me.”
And the Sorting Hat is indeed rather frayed, patched, and scruffy, being rather old – and the hat of good old Godric Gryffindor, in fact!

The hat speaks from a “mouth” which is a rip, just near its brim. It’s so clever!

When Harry first arrives at Hogwarts and wears the hat to be sorted, the hat speaks to him. It can’t decide where to place him – at first leaning towards Slytherin house. Harry asks to be placed in Gryffindor – an action which shows Harry’s strong will to be his own person and make decisions for himself, even at a young age.

Use your Sorting Hat at your party

The Sorting Hat is a good prop for some special Harry Potter style games and quizzes. For example, you could create a whole lot of questions based on events in the books and movies, write them down and put them into the hat. The children can then draw questions out of the hat and compete to see who knows the most about Harry Potter.

Or use the hat to “sort” kids into the four houses by asking them some general knowledge questions.

As you can see, a Harry Potter Sorting Hat can be a great addition to your costume!