Hermione Granger costume ideas

A Hermione Granger costume will make your daughter a hit at her next costume party, whether it’s strictly Harry Potter themed or just a general dress up!

Hermione is as popular as ever, now that the last instalment of the Harry Potter series has arrived.

And what a heroine she is! So why not let your daughter step into the young witch’s shoes with a detailed Hermione costume?

Hermione Granger clothing

Hermione is the best friend of Harry and Ron Weasley, obsessed with books and libraries. A Hermione costume should always be neat in appearance. There are several options for different styles of costumes, as there are different forms of the Hogwarts school uniform.

Some Hermione Granger costumes can be made up of a simple grey skirt or pants and a grey sweater, along with a Gryffindor patterned tie, which should be dark red or maroon, and yellow or gold.

On the other hand, you might want to opt for the Hogwarts robes. The Gryffindor robes have a very distinct look: black on the outside, with purple underneath which should show through in the way the edges of the robe are folded. Of course it should also have the Gryffindor symbol on the chest, and a hood attached. Anything less will fall short of capturing the true Hermione look.

You might also want to think about adding a pointy witch’s hat into the mix, as well as a Gryffindor scarf to match with the tie.

Hermione’s wand

You can’t forget the most important item a witch should always have on her – a wand! There are various wands available to buy, some of which aim for a realistic look while others include flashing lights or noises.

These tend to be better for keeping younger children entertained, while a realistic wand is better for a child who really wants to lose her imagination in the character.

Hermione’s hair – a wig adds authenticity!

There are two ways you can imitate Hermione’s hair:

Style the hair yourself
If you choose this route, your daughter will need longer hair to achieve the look, of course. Hermione’s hair is brown, bushy and wavy.
Kids’ hairstyling can be fun! But do be careful with hairdryers or curling irons – you don’t want any accidents.

Depending on the age of your child, and the thickness of her hair, you can either use a large round brush to shape and wave the hair, blow drying gently. Or use sponge rollers. A heat protecting product or styling gel/mousse, for example, can help keep frizzy hair under control.

Once you’re done, gently tease out the curls, and use hairspray to set your style, making sure you cover your child’s eyes and face before spraying.

Purchase a specially made Hermione wig
Here’s another option for your Hermione Granger costume that your child may enjoy, and for short-haired Hermiones, it’s a must!
A more girly Hermione Granger costume

In the Harry Potter stories, Hermione is a headstrong girl who sees herself as equal or often superior to the boys around her. She is highly intelligent and brave, and her quick wits save the day on many occasions. She’s not usually a girly girl, but she has her moments of course!

Do you remember the Prizoner of Azkaban movie where Hermione wears a casual pair of jeans and a pink top? For the more feminine daughter this costume is also an option.

More pink appeared in the Goblet of Fire movie, when Hermione wore a fantastic dress to the Yule Ball.

In that movie, her dress was a long flouncy light pink number, with a dark pink ribbon around her waist. In the book, however, her costume is described as “robes made of a floaty, periwinkle-blue material” – so a soft, blue-violet color. Time to use your imagination! If the movie makers can change a Hermione Granger costume, you could too, and go for your own distinctive color.

Hermione’s red dress at Bill and Fleur’s wedding
In the book of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Hermione wears “a floaty, lilac-colored dress with matching high heels; her hair was sleek and shiny.”

Hmm – the movie costumiers have changed this to a brilliant red color with a matching necklace – which actually looks fantastic! You can see Hermione’s dress here – from the 31 second point – although only the top half appears. The dress is in fact knee length:

Now, once Harry, Ron, and Hermione had escaped from the attack on The Burrow and found themselves in London, Hermione was carrying a small beaded handbag magically packed with clothes, books, and all other necessities she thought they would need. So this would make a nice accessory to the red dress costume.

Hermione’s accessories

I think Hermione always carries a book with her – and so you could prepare a book accessory by making a book cover with one of these titles, for example:
Advanced Potion Making by Libatius Borage
Beginner’s Guide to Transfiguration by Emeric Switch
Defensive Magical Theory by Wilbert Slinkhard
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them by Newt Scamander
Spellman’s Syllabary
Standard Book of Spells by Miranda Goshawk
– or why not get your child a copy of The Tales of Beedle the Bard. “Written” by Hermione, it’s a fab accessory I think, and also a great tribute to J.K. Rowling!

To go the extra mile, consider adding a Time Turner to the outfit. This is a device given to Hermione by Dumbledore which allows her to reverse time. You could make this by painting an egg-timer gold and turning it into a necklace with a piece of string or chain.

And last but surely not least! How about pinning a S.P.E.W. badge to your Hermione Granger costume? Hermione was the founder of the Society for the Promotion of Elvish Welfare in the Order of the Phoenix. Make some badges for your child’s friends too, and see if she can persuade them to join!

I hope you enjoyed these ideas for dressing up in a Hermione Granger costume – have fun!