Kids’ hippie costume

A hippie costume is a great way for kids to let their creativity, free spirit and imagination shine.

Hippies are all about not conforming, so the types of hippie outfits available and the additions you can make a virtually endless!

The basic elements of most hippie costumes include:

Plaits on each side of the face

Flowers in the hair or flowery hair clips

Hippie sunglasses – just to make you look even cooler!

Braid, bandanna, or plaited hair tied around the forehead and fastened at the back or side

Tie-dyed clothing such as the child in the picture here:

hippie costume
Bright, flowery, or crazy-patterned clothes

Bell bottom trousers or long flowing skirts

Beads – necklaces, bracelets, long beady earrings

A peace symbol somewhere on the outfit.

Let’s look at some of the more common types of hippie outfits and a few ideas you can use to spice them up and make them unique.

Female Hippie Styles

There are definitely more hippie outfits for girls available than boys – maybe not so many boys like the idea of flower power these days!

Girl hippies can dress in a variety of outfit styles:

one-piece dress, long, flowing, Indian style
one-piece knee-length dress worn with white fishnets, for example – what fun!
bell bottom trouser and top combo in bright colors
Here’s a two-piece hippie costume with a matching hat – I just love the fabric mix of plain and patterned, as well as the long, bell sleeves giving a wide cuff – just fab.

girl hippie costume
If you’re purchasing a ready made costume, all kinds of color patterns are available – most of these involve a flower pattern, “psychedelic” color patterns or the peace symbol, and many costumes also come with a necklace with the peace symbol attached.

Another groovy costume for kids which may not quite qualify as “hippie,” but is very 60s, is the one-piece mini-skirt outfit with knee-high boots. These usually come with white or black boots, but you can also buy separate boots with a rainbow pattern to complete the love child look.

Most groovy hippie outfits for girls include a headband or bandanna, unless you decide on some kind of hat. This will usually be colored to match the dress.

How about a disco-style dancing queen outfit?
These usually consist of bellbottom pants and a funky shirt in loud colors, as well as a headband and platform disco high heels.

Big hoop earrings and a necklace as well as bracelets can help round out this look.

A slightly different take on retro costumes is the groovy witch, an image born from old TV shows like Bewitched. A groovy witch outfit often looks similar to a disco outfit, but with a funky-colored witch’s hat included.

Boy hippie styles

Hippie style outfits for boys are less common, but most of the choices on offer include bellbottom pants and a loudly colored shirt.

This boy hippie costume is great – trousers and waistcoat made from some funky fabric, over a white top, and matching color bandana visible through his groovy black wig! The peace symbol and glasses finish this costume off perfectly:

boy hippie costume
Hippie Hairstyles

Hippie hairstyles for girls can be created easily enough if the girl has long hair – a common style is to wear plaits down the front on either side of the face, leaving the rest of the hair to flow freely.

Even a girl with short hair can be a hippie, of course – a neat bandana with a flower attached will be great for her.

Boys can also go the bandana route, although you may also be able to tempt them with a wig – or even a fake beard or moustache. After all, many of those hippie dudes in the 60s and 70s grew their hair very long, and these were certainly too cool to shave!

Hippie Accessories

The peace symbol on a necklace is one of the best additions to a hippie costume, and many come with an accessory like this included.

Another good option for girls is a necklace with the feminine symbol – again these are included with some costumes.

love beads
And please don’t forget the beads!
I used to love my beads – they were called love beads of course – and they looked like these beads on the left.

Another great accessory for a hippie outfit is sunglasses. Not just any sunglasses – color-tinted, round glasses to suit the hippie style. These are easy to find, either with a costume or sold separately.