Horse costume ideas for children

A good horse costume makes an excellent dress-up idea for two people together, although single-person horse outfits also work well for theme parties.

For kids who love horses, a quick dress up idea is to wear a horse’s mask, and then wear appropriately colored clothing – with an added swishy tail of course!

A pair of shiny black, cloppety horse shoes would go well, too.

Your child can pretend to ride a horse… of course!

Yes indeed – it can be quite difficult dressing as a horse. So why not ride it instead?

riding horse costume
These bold, jousting knights look great, don’t they?

You can buy a realistic looking plastic horse head attached to a long stick, or find a more traditional fabric horse head.

You can even make your own hobby horses using long stuffed knitted socks, and adding eyes and ears, as well as reins.

You can change the theme and choose a cowboy look.

Pretend you’re the Lone Ranger or Roy Rogers!

Boys might love to imagine themselves as Zorro, Dick Turpin, or Robin Hood.

OK – here’s another magical idea.

Take a look at these wonderful carousel horses.

carousel horse
Any child would love to ride one of these!

Could you design your own carousel horse’s head, and attach it to a stick for your child to ride round on?

One other idea is to transform your carousel horse into a unicorn, and ride as a prince or princess.

Here’s another idea for the little ladies (some boys will like this too, of course, but I know a lot of horse-mad girls!)

horse costume
You see, girls like me (no kidding) want to be professional equestrian show jumpers, and ride round an obstacle course!

Our hobby horses will have plaited manes and be the smartest horses in the paddock!

We can wear a white blouse, white breeches, and long black boots.

A riding hat? A black baseball style cap will probably do!

A smart black jacket, or something in English tweed, will do very nicely, thank you.

Our horses have all won rosettes.

And I might even win the gold cup!

Yes – this horse costume is the one for me 🙂

Now let’s look at some full costumes you can find for kids:

Classic horse costumes

Single-person horse costumes are much more practical, although a little less realistic because the horse has to stand on two feet.

Many horse outfits come as a one-piece suit, either with a hood or a mask separated from the suit. Some costumes leave the hands open while other come complete with hooves.

For girls, there are some very cute My Little Pony costumes – pink, blue, or purple, with wings and headpieces. Your daughter might love this idea.

Not a horse as such, but a frightening Halloween costume choice for boys would be the Headless Horseman… I’ve even seen one of these with inflatable shoulders so that the character really does look headless!

Be the rider… AND the horse!

There are also clever horse outfits which let the child be both the rider and the horse!
The child’s upper body is visible, while his or her legs form the back legs of the horse. The rest of the horse is attached to the costume and hangs in front of the child or is held up by reins.

This kind of horse costume is great for younger kids who want something really special.

Two person horses

The classic two-person horse outfit lets one person become the head and front legs of the horse – so standing up – while the other person becomes the rear end.

Oh dear!

Kids are sure to argue over who gets to be at the rear! Unless there’s a very shy partner… or you could get them to swap places every so often.

This is the sort of costume you’ll sometimes see used for team mascots, or pantomimes in the UK. They can’t generally be worn for very long because they get too uncomfortable.

This kind of horse costume isn’t ideal for parties – you don’t want your child to be stuck being a horse’s rear end while his or her friend has a great time chatting!

So – this idea could work for some kid duos, but it’s not for most!