Dress up in an Indiana Jones costume!

Wearing an Indiana Jones costume is a thrilling adventure in itself! Indy, Marion, Mutt or Irina – who will your child be?

The Indiana Jones costume is an long-time popular choice for dress-up parties with a movie theme.

Indiana is a treasure-hunter and all around action hero who has been around for decades. He holds appeal for young children – and their parents, too!

You can even make a homemade Indiana Jones kids’ costume just by putting together clothes you already have plus a few accessories!

Ok, before we move onto Indy’s clothing and ideas for other characters from the movies, you might like to refresh your memory about the characters and atmosphere. It’s the best official movie I can find, but even though it’s Lego – you’ll still get lots of ideas!

Now let’s look at the elements of a good Indy costume, as well as some of the other major characters.

Indiana Jones costume ideas

Indiana Jones’ hat
One of the items of clothing that people always associate with Indy is his hat, so this should be one of the most important things on your costume list.

The proper hat is a fur fedora, with a wide brim and a ribbon. Wearing this hat, your child will immediately begin to feel like the famed archaeologist turned explorer! We use a leather fedora which still works just as well, or you can adapt a cowboy hat if you like.

Indiana’s whip and satchel
An Indiana Jones costume isn’t complete without these two vital accessories.

His whip is a bullwhip, and there are replica Indiana Jones whips that you can buy to make your costume really authentic.

If you fancy making this whip yourself check out this incredible step by step tutorial on how to make a duck tape bullwhip.

Now, Indiana is a treasure hunter, and so you’ll also need an Indiana Jones satchel to pack in all sorts of exciting things.

You can use any kind of shoulder bag that suits the costume I think; my son borrowed one of his grandmother’s old canvas travel handbags which really did a great job!

What can you put in the bag? How about these ideas:

treasure map
magnifying glass
pens and notepad
any pieces of ‘treasure” such as an old cheap ring, chain, coins, medallion, etc
Your child will love this part of their Indiana Jones costume, and will no doubt add a thousand other things… bits of Indiana Jones Lego, and other Indy related stuff 🙂

It’s even possible to purchase a mock crystal skull with lights that change color!

Indy’s clothing
Indiana also wears khaki pants and a light khaki shirt, as well as a brown leather jacket.

Not got the jacket? A dark brown or black casual jacket will do just as well – or you can do without the jacket altogether. In this case, how about making the shirt look much more interesting – and by this I mean ripped and dirty!

Marion Ravenwood costume

Marion is a friend and helper of Indiana, the daughter or Indiana’s mentor. She appeared first in the Raiders of the Lost Ark and also in the more recent Indiana film, Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. She is the ideal character for a tween or teen girl to play.

Marion has a wonderfully original costume when the pair are in Cairo in Raiders of the Lost Ark, and this is the choice most girls will prefer. Can you remember it? – Yes, the red and white one!

The costume is made up of a white, baggy peasant shirt with red crosses stitched in lines down the front and upper arms, as well as bright red pants. She also has a black or dark colored sash around her waist, where the shirt and pants meet.

This is one heck of a trendy costume for girls to wear, and you can make it real fun by adding a monkey toy to sit on her shoulder! A machete or sword…? Why not? So long as it’s plastic!

And of course, there’s the frying pan – nice for photos and to make an entrance!

What about a Mutt costume?

Mutt’s costume is fairly simple – black pants (black jeans will do great) and jacket, with a t-shirt or collarless top underneath. Like Indiana with his hat, Mutt’s sunglasses are a must. You could also add a machete or sword.

A really fun accessory for Mutt is… his comb! Get the slicked-back hair look for your little Mutt, and make sure the comb comes out every five minutes to keep that style looking perfect!

Irina Spalko

Irina Spalko was the psychic KGB agent in the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull movie, and because she is young and tough, she is more popular with some girls in the younger generation than Marion Ravenwood.

She is also one of the “baddies,” which holds special appeal for some kids – especially if it’s a Halloween costume.

Irina has black hair clipped short to about the level of her jaw. Your child may have to wear a wig to get this look – try finding a kids’ black witch wig, or vampire wig perhaps. You might need to trim it to shape at home.

Irina wears a gray military uniform with large black gloves and a black belt. Her weapon is special type of sword called a rapier, a long blade with a special hand grip.

If your child can wear gray trousers and a gray t-shirt and jacket, you can add military style buttons, a gun belt and weapon.

A pair of long black gloves and a stern expression will put the finishing touches to this Indiana Jones costume for a girl!

If you have someone dressed as Mutt as well as an Irina, they can engage in a sword fight just like in the Crystal Skull movie!