Jack Sparrow costume ideas

Getting dressed up in a Jack Sparrow costume is a dream come true for many boys – and girls! – who are fans of the swaggering pirate hero.

Jack’s unique look and rebellious character make him a popular choice for Halloween or party dress ups.

Since there are now four Pirates of the Caribbean movies, there are various takes on the Jack Sparrow look. However, there are a few essentials any costume must have to really pass for Jack.

Let’s look at what goes into making a great Jack Sparrow costume.

The Jack Sparrow hat

Jack’s hat is an important part of his appearance as a pirate captain. He wears a ‘tricorn’ hat – a hat with three corners, in other words.

The hat should have wide brims that point upwards. Some costumes include hats made of felt or mock leather.

Now check out his hat, face, and the rest of his costume from the Pirates of the Caribbean official trailer – you will also be able to see his bandana under the hat if you look closely:

The hair and face

Getting the appearance of the face right is make-or-break when it comes to a Jack Sparrow outfit. Jack has a very distinctive hairstyle, moustache, and beard, and he has heavy make-up around his eyes.

I think boys will love the manly make-up for Jack – thick, expressive, mysterious and totally piratey black eye make-up!

You can draw or paint Jack’s moustache and beard on your child, but for the best effect you can buy stick-on facial hair separately. His goatee has two beaded braids, you’ll notice.

And his dreadlocks are also beaded – some ready made Jack Sparrow costumes include these attached to the hat or the bandana that goes under the hat.

While you can make do with a standard long black wig, it’s best to get a wig that’s designed to be part of a Jack outfit if possible.

Jack Sparrow’s clothes

If you get the hat and face right, most people should recognize your son as Jack Sparrow. But you still need to get the pirate look sorted.

Below is a rather interesting back-shot of a costume that looks just like Jack’s – see how “busy” this costume is:

back view of jack sparrow costume
So what do you need for a Jack Sparrow costume? Check out this list:

A loose white shirt with long sleeves and a wide collar
A dark tunic vest or waistcoat that sits over the shirt
Loose brown pants and a very wide belt with big buckles. If you have two big belts, even better!
The pants should tuck into a pair of brown boots that overturn at the tops, sitting about halfway up the shin.
A Jack Sparrow costume sash is a really good idea – this is a crimson and cream/beige striped scarf that sits around his waist – and yes, with the belts and other accessories, there’s going to be quite a lot to fit in around that waist!
More Jack Sparrow accessories

The sword – Jack Sparrow is a pirate after all – and pirates need swords and any other weapons they can get their hands on!

kids jack sparrow costume
Some premade costumes come with a scabbard which attaches to one of the belts. If the sword that comes with the costume is too flimsy, you can buy a better sword separately and simply hang it from the belt. The sword should be broad and slightly curved, rather than a thin fencing-style sword.

A pistol also comes in handy – just in case there’s a mutiny on board!

Jewelry – your boy can even wear rings, medallions, or other booty that he has found from his pirating adventures.

An over the shoulder belt – or “baldric” – is worn to carry a sword or pistol, too. You can see Jack wearing one of these in the video clip above, as well as in the vintage shot. You could use an ordinary wide belt yourself to create this look.