James Bond costume ideas for stylish spies!

No wonder kids want to get dressed up in a James Bond costume – he’s the sophisticated man of mystery who’s been around for decades.

Bond is smooth and clever, fashionable and funny – but he doesn’t let his big ego get in the way of fighting the bad guys… most of the time!

Let’s take a look at some of your options for the Bond look, and find out how your kid spy can become the fascinating character of James Bond.

The James Bond suit

We’re talking sleek, suave, dark suits here – dark blue or charcoal grey. A crisp white shirt and narrow black or blue tie or bowtie will smarten up any kid spy no end!

If your child wants something a little more action-like, you could go for the Daniel Craig look in Casino Royale – smart dark trousers with a dark polo top, and sunglasses folded and attached in the button closure.

Once you have the basics sorted out, it’s time to add to the costume and make it more authentic. You can do this by adding some distinct accessories that Bond wears or uses in various movies.

007 Accessories

What better way to identify your kid as James Bond than with an ID card?

james bond costume ID card
Create a James Bond ID with the Big Huge Labs badge maker – this pic shows a cool ID card I created there, with my uploaded photo – you can even choose to add a barcode!

Of course, your spy isn’t going to give his spy ID card to everyone, so maybe he’ll need a couple of false ID cards too – these will make a great addition to your kid’s James Bond costume!

Collect James Bond gadgets in a slinky briefcase

Boys love collecting their secret spy stuff in a secret briefcase or attaché case – and James Bond is no exception 😉

Bond’s gadgets are great fun, and you can use various spy gear toys for kids to mimic the real thing:

poison shooting pens
geiger counter
recording device
spy periscope
homing pill – you can use candy for this of course!
underwater jet pack
safecracking device
small camera
a ring containing a camera
a credit card that opens locks
mini binoculars
explosive tube of toothpaste
Other accessories you can use include money and poker chips, for the Casino Royale look.

A toy Rolex watch is another good addition, if you can find one.

Of course, Bond needs his gun as well. Bond’s weapon of choice in the old movies was the Walther PPK – if you can find a toy replica of this gun you’ll have a very authentic looking costume on your hands. Otherwise, any small black toy pistol will do.

Bond is also known for the cars he drives, so if you can get hold of an Aston Martin keychain this is a great addition to the look.

The Sean Connery accent

Once you have the suit and a few gadgets, the James Bond costume is complete. Almost.

The ‘Classic’ Bond of Sean Connery is still considered to be the ‘true’ Bond by many die-hard fans. If your son is a big Bond fan, introduce him to the old movies and see if he can reproduce Connery’s accent! My son – pictured in the ID card above – does a fantastic Sean Connery voice, lol!