Kids character costumes

Kids absolutley love dressing up as one of their heros or heroines… oooh yesssss!!!

There’s a huge choice of these costumes and some of them give you the chance to accessorize imaginatively too!

Heroes and heroines, cartoon characters, saviors of the universe and magical fairies are all included, so there’s no shortage of ideas for both boys and girls.

Below you’ll find suggestions for some of the most popular character costumes for kids.

Ideas for kids character costumes

New! James Bond costume
Here’s a scintillatingly stylish idea for any boy spies out there – the costume’s not that hard to put together, all you need to do next is add some Bond accessories!

Alice in Wonderland costume
Want to dress up as Alice? Find out how to create the perfect Alice in Wonderland look for your little girl.

Cinderella costume
Let’s remind ourselves of the Cinderella story and discover how to dress up as a beautiful Cinders princess.

Doctor Who costume
Girls and boys can pretend to be the Doctor – or dress up as a companion or monster from the UK sci-fi series.

Indiana Jones costume
Ideas for Indy’s costume and accessories, as well as suggestions for a Marion Ravenwood costume, or Mutt’s costume – or how about Irina Sparko?

Jack Sparrow costume
Both boys and girls like dressing up as Jack Sparrow, with those wonderful dark eyes, dreadlock beads, and pirate weapons. Create your Jack Sparrow look here.

Scooby Doo costumes
Join the gang of Mystery Inc and dress up as Scooby Doo, Shaggy, Velma, Daphne or Fred!

Star Trek costumes
Here are some classic ideas for kids who love Star Trek – Spock, Captain Kirk and Uhura just for starters.

Tinkerbell costume
Fly as a Tinkerbell fairy, and swirl magic dust around with your wand! Girls love this fantastic kids character costume, and it’s a lovely one to create.

Power Rangers costume
Find out how to dress up like a Power Rangers superhero – which color will suit you best?

Superman costume
Classic Superman costume info for boys – or why not dress your little girl up as Superwoman?