A dog costume can be great fun to dress up in!

Many kids love dogs, and that makes a dog costume a good choice for a party or just for general dress-up games around home!

There are all kinds of dog outfits to think about.

Would your child prefer a realistic kind of puppy or dog costume, based on a particular breed?

Or would they enjoy dressing up as a popular cartoon or movie character?

Does your child help look after a dog at home? Maybe they’d like to dress up as the family pet!
Dog costume ideas for kids

dalmatian dog costume
Classic dog and puppy costumes that suit both boys and girls are often brown with patches of white or black, but as you’ll see, you can go for something quite different!

A Dalmatian dog would make a striking costume for children.

A white background with black spots – and I love the pink ears in this image.

If you kept to pure black and white, adding a smart red scarf around the neck as a collar would look very stylish!

Boys could stick to strict black and white, of course.

Other breeds of dog to think about include a British Bulldog – short and squat, with those huge, floppy jowls. Or how about what I used to call a ‘sausage dog” – a Dachshund, often plain brown or a black/brown mix?

The West Highland White Terrier, or Westie, is one of my absolute favorites. This doggie has such a cheeky, friendly face, and those pointing up ears are so cute!

Your child could wear a fluffy white top, white pants, socks, and shoes – and create pointy ears attached to a headband.

pink poodle costume
Here’s a real girly dress up idea: a pink Poodle costume!
Many dog outfits are quite boyish, but this one ain’t!

Your little girl will become a well-groomed French poodle, complete with the tufts of fur around the ankles and wrists.

It’s a body suit with a hood attached with ‘fur’ on top and floppy, furry, pom-pom style ears.

You can have fun and add more to the look by applying some face paint.

Check out the pink socks and shoes here, too.

Which makes me think… of pink… and poodles – and yes!

The poodle skirt look!

poodle skirt costume
Remember the wonderful poodle skirts from the 50s?

Those huge, swinging, swirling skirts took up a lot of the dance floors of teen “sock hops” or school dances!

If your daughter is too old for a jumpsuit style dog costume and wants something eternally fashionable, then here’s a simple but very effective dog costume idea.

It’s a pink poodle skirt with a poodle applique, poodle socks, and you could add a chiffon scarf.

And the shoes? Well, the classic look is for saddle shoes, exactly as you see in the photograph.

This is a classic retro look costume, which your growing up gal is sure to love 🙂

But what about the boys? Well, I think the following dog character costumes could suit them, although girls might want to dress up in them too!

Famous dog character costume ideas

Scooby Doo costumes
Scooby Doo has been a popular dog for generations, so it’s not surprising that there are a few costumes to choose from here. Read more about Scooby Doo costumes here.

Snoopy costumes
Snoopy is another dog character many adults have fond memories of and many kids still love.

Snoopy outfits should be completely white except for the eyes, nose and ears which are black.

Snoopy also wears a red collar.

The most important part of a Snoopy costume is the head – if it’s not the right shape, the costume will end up looking like any old dog outfit!

The costume needs to have the distinctive big round nose and floppy black ears. Some costumes will have a mask, while others have the Snoopy face on top of the child’s head as part of a hood that attaches to the rest of the suit.

Clifford the Big Red Dog
Clifford costumes are fairly simple – they’re usually made up of a single-piece outfit, with a hood with Clifford’s face on top.

The costume unzips down the front so the child can climb in and out easily. As with the Snoopy costume, the face is very important here, although the fact that the costume is red should make it fairly obvious that the costume is Clifford.

Other famous dogs to draw inspiration from? How about

Deputy Dawg
Krypto – Superman’s pet dog
Rin Tin Tin
Astro the dog from The Jetsons
Blue from Blues Clues
… or even K9 from the Doctor Who series!
And there’s Spot the dog, too – so let’s take a look at some dog costumes for the tots.

Toddler puppy costumes

puppy costume
There’s a wide variety of puppy costumes designed specifically for toddlers.

Some of these are a particular breed, and other costumes are more general, made up of patches of brown, black and white.

Most of these toddler costumes are single-piece suits with hoods, leaving just the face exposed.