A king costume for kids!

A king costume is sure to spark interest in your little boy, and most young men are ready and willing to show their sense of royalty.

There are tons of costume options when it comes to kings, so which style would suit your boy best?

King of the realm

infant king costume
If your child is interested in playing a monarchy king who rules a kingdom, a king’s robe and crown accompanied by a king’s scepter will do the trick.
Boys could wear a frilly shirt under the robe (or even a plain white shirt if they object to frills!) and black trousers. Match the robe with a sash around the waist.

Some kid’s kings costumes come with a red velveteen cloak edged in royal ermine, knee length silky pants, white stocking socks, and shiny black shoes.

You could also go formal by researching the clothing of British royalty in a military-style costume with a sash and all.

Military style kings

Some boys are more thrilled with dressing like a warrior king, King Arthur for instance:
medieval king costume
He could be all decked out in armor covering a tunic with an armored royal headpiece. Or again, a royal cloak could do the trick – just don’t forget the shield and sword which every warrior carries!

Another king costume idea is an Emperor who rules an Empire. Traditional Emperor-style includes a white robe or toga, a shoulder drape, a belt, and a laurel wreath crown, much like the clothing of Caesar that is depicted in historical films.

King Tutankhamun

An Egyptian-style costume fits right in with a Pharaoh costume.

A tunic can be topped with an Egyptian collar, a metallic belt and matching armbands, and a pharaoh headpiece. Lace up sandals adds to the look along with make-up like dark, black eyeliner.

King Tut is the most recognized Pharaoh with a headpiece with cobra detail – find out more about Egyptian costumes

Musical kings

Let’s not forget the kings of music…
Elvis is commonly called the King of Rock and Roll while Michael Jackson is known as the King of Pop.

Elvis Presley is remembered for wearing lavishly decorated jumpsuits or gold satin suits – and this king costume is extra cool, featuring those wonderful Elvis sunglasses!

His hair is pretty hard to imitate, so an Elvis wig with sideburns might be useful in creating the look.

Mastering “the shake” wouldn’t hurt and complementing the outfit with blue suede shoes will definitely top off the costume.

The red and black leather outfit from the Thriller video is probably the most popular Michael Jackson outfit. He also turned into a wolf in that video.

Other famous outfits include the military outfit and the fedora look. Let’s not forget the silver glove and the silver sequin socks.

Jackson is known for curly, kinky hair as well as straight hair. There are wigs available to make the hair perfectly fitting. Criminal to Prince, a Michael Jackson costume is sure to be cool at a costume party.

More costumes for kings!

There are all kinds of kings… and many costumes to suit! Here are some more fun king costume ideas for you to think about:

Card players might be more in tune to dressing like the King of Hearts or a king card which can be fun.
Your boy could wear a black shirt, with yellow waistcoat and red sash around the waist with black pants, and a sash with hearts on it, plus a golden crown with black heart stickers.

More king ideas include a big cat king depicting the Lion King – your child could dress as a lion with a crown on his head.
Or how about a chess king? Or Burger King? The Kandy King? Or even a prom or Mardi Gras king!
For teens going to a royal Halloween party, a king Mummy might be one idea – or a king vampire or skeleton!
Disney movie lovers might find the King Neptune costume interesting, or Madogascar fans might like to dress like King Julien.
At any rate, a king costume is a great idea for boys of any age. It’s sure to create a royal night!