What kind of knight costume could your child wear?

So, your boy wants a knight costume? That’s a pretty common term and it is possible that you don’t understand exactly what he is picturing in his head. What you need to find out is… what kind of knight costume?!

Classic historical costumes

knight costume
When I think of a knight, Richard Gere comes into view. He played the role of Lancelot in the 1995 Columbia Picture romantic fantasy adventure film “First Knight” where he was made a Knight of the Round Table by King Arthur (Sean Connery).
He fell hopelessly in love with Queen Guinevere (Julia Ormond) which led him into being charged with treason. Nope, I’m not going to tell you how the story ends! It is a great movie.

Is your child picturing the medieval knight version?

Medieval knights are legendary in Europe. They were usually appointed by the Head of the State in recognition of their bravery. They followed the chivalry code to accomplish their goal, to “protect the weak, defenseless, helpless, and fight for the general welfare of all”. They were somewhat of a military.

knight helmet
Knights rode horses and went into battle using a variety of swords, daggers, flails, and lances. Some even used crossbows. They carried a shield for protection against their opponents in battles and of course they wore armor.

Armor came in many forms from evil looking helmets to the more common chain mesh head and neck cover. Breastplates were also common. Roman knights sometime wore an armor skirt while others had metal looking mesh that covered their legs.

Crusader knights are remembered for wearing a cross on their apparel, shields and so forth.

If your child is not thinking medieval or renaissance, you may be way off base with your vision of a knight.

Modern knights!

jedi knight
Modern knights include the Batman character from the movie “Dark Knight”. Way different from the historical knight.
Storm Troopers from “Star Wars” are often called knights by the kiddos and of course those powered by the Force – Jedi knights. Anakin is one of the most popular Jedi knights and if you choose any of these, you simply have to accessorize with a light saber and maybe a Jedi robe.

Probably the latest knight is the Kaman Rider Dragon Knight which is a character from the recent television series that started broadcasting in 2009 after the 2008 premiere. This character is actually a superhero. He’s kind of muscular and wears a helmet type mask and a red and black jumpsuit with chest armor, shoulder armor, and a belt. Of course the knight carries a sword.

Enough for the boys…girls wear knight costumes too!

Back in the medieval days, women were pretty feminine so to speak. But in the world of knights, sci-fi kind of changed that. Ahsoka “Snips” Tano was a Jedi Padawan who was assigned to Anakin Skywalker in “Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones”.

Ahsoka wears a blue and tan headpiece, a burgundy colored jumpsuit or leggings with a skirt along with gauntlets, boots and a utility belt. Her light saber that she uses to fight the Dark Side is green.

There are several types of knights that your kids may find appealing. They would be a hit at any party wearing any of them, but it’s a good idea to inquire what type of knight they are thinking of if they request a knight costume.