Ladybug costumes are so cute!

Girls look absolutely precious in ladybug costumes. Teens and toddlers love them too and there is nothing more cuddlesome than an infant in a bunting type costume with a hood and antennas.
They will keep the baby warm, no doubt, and they are so adorable!

Ladybugs are interesting creatures. Compared to other insects, they are kind of cute and most little girls are totally amazed by them.

Yes – ladybugs are amazing!

The scientific name for them is coccinellidae. In the UK and elsewhere, ladybugs are called ladybirds.
They are actually beetles but far more beautiful than most beetles 🙂 Most farmers despise beetles because they destroy crops. The potato beetle and the boll weevil are among the worst.

However, most ladybugs are viewed as a beneficial insect to gardeners and farmers because they feed on other agricultural pests such as aphids.

By far, the most popular ladybug has red wings with black spots. This type has a black body, two eyes, six legs and of course, two antennas.

There are also ladybugs of different colors and patterns other than this but red with black spots is the most recognized.

Organizing your ladybug costume

These costumes are pretty easy to make if you prefer homemade costumes.
As long as you have red with black spots it is pretty obvious that you are imitating a ladybug, but adding wings and antennas makes it so much cuter.

Most girls don’t mind (or actually prefer) the six legs and the eyes being left off of the costumes.

The body and anntenna

kids ladybug costume

You can use black tights and a black body suit adorned with red spotted wings and a headband with antennas made out of pipe cleaners as in the picture above.
You could also use a spotted sash or scarf – and dots on the face also add to the effect, don’t they!

You can even put small red pompoms on the ends of the pipe cleaners or just twirl them a bit to look more like real antennas.

Ballet tutus and skirts also look great ladybug style.

Ladybug wings

Wings can made out of cardboard or wire and mesh. If you are not that crafty, you can usually buy wings pretty cheap.
You may also want to purchase antennas or a ladybug tiara to go with the rest of a homemade costume. That takes out the task that some find difficult.

Ladybug accessories

You might find a ladybug purse or make a ladybug wand to go along with the costume if your girl wants to be a ladybug princess.
Red shoes with black dots are also very attractive.

Ladybug wigs or colored hairspray can also be used to complement the outfit and that usually is a hit with teenagers.

I especially like ladybug costumes for dance recitals because it is so easy to find matching party favors and party supplies for after-recital parties or ladybug accessories to go along with a bouquet of flowers that Daddy gives to the dancer at the end of the show.

You can even make a ladybug cake or decorated cupcakes to go along with the theme.

Mother and daughter can even dress somewhat alike as ladybugs if they wish! The costumes are rather easy to make or you can purchase infant, child, teen, or adult sized costumes if you prefer.