Last minute costume ideas

Need last minute costume ideas?

What do you do if your child gets invited to costume party tonight or if they just don’t want to wear the Halloween costume that you put so much thought into?

Coming up with quick costume ideas can be so difficult – so here are ideas to relieve the stress and to come up with a fabulous costume at the very last second… almost!

A list of last minute costume ideas

Hobo costume

To create a hobo costume use old, un-matching clothes. Roll up the legs of the pants unevenly and wear colorful socks that don’t match. Got some worn out tennis shoes? Make some holes in them and perhaps wear different shoes instead of a pair.

Oversized ties can bring the costume together and of course, you have to have a worn out hat. Place a flower on the hat or in a shirt pocket.

Make a knapsack by tying a stuffed bandana on the end of a stick and viola – a perfect hobo ready to go!

Ghost costume

Here’s a really quick last minute costume idea! A ghost costume is easy to make from a worn out solid sheet, with cut out eye holes.

If you like, tack a piece of elastic around the neck to hold the sheet in place and cut the bottom of the sheet using pinker shears.

Be sure to make it short enough so that the child doesn’t trip over it.

Jelly bean bag costume

Blown up round balloons can be safety pinned onto any outfit to create the look of jelly beans. The words “jelly beans” can be written on a hat and plastic wrap can be used to wrap the body that contains the jelly bean balloons.

This idea is better for older children as the use of plastic and balloons can be hazardous to youngsters.

Gardener costume

If you have some kid gardening kit available, this one’s very fast to put together.

Dress your child up in jeans, a top, bright apron or workaday overall, and add some plastic toy gardening equipment – watering can, trowel, hoe, and perhaps some plastic flowerpots and a packet of seeds to carry in to the party (makes a nice gift for the party host!)

They can either wear their normal shoes or you can add rubber boots.

Black eyed pea costume

This costume will draw some attention because people won’t know what it is but when they find out that will think it is cute. Using makeup, paint one eye to look like a black eye.

Put a “P” on a shirt with magic marker or fabric paint and tell the child that they are a black eyed pea. This is great for children that like to speak up and tell everyone what their costume is.

Business costume

Dress your future millionaire in a smart suit. Boys can wear a tie, girls a stylish silk scarf.

A briefcase or document wallet really sets the scene. A smart pen or handkerchief in the top jacket pocket and a large fake gold watch add to the successful look.

Find a copy of the Wall Street Journal so they can carry that too. A real or toy mobile phone is also a good idea so that your child can control the stock market even while they’re at the party!

Spy/secret agent costume

For boys this is simply a twist on the business costume above. Dress your child up in a black or dark blue/gray suit, and fill their attaché case with some suitable spy gear – plus ID cards, real ones or false.

Check out my ideas for a James Bond costume, and you’ll be up and running, chasing, and flying in minutes!

There’s nothing to stop little girls being secret agents – and they might want to play Jane Bond!

Hunter costume

If your family consists of hunters you are sure to have some orange vests or hats camouflage gear lying around. The kids can wear the hunting apparel and carry toy rifles or toy bow and arrows around to create the costume of a hunter.

Chef costume

It’s easy to dress up as a chef – dig out your apron, a tray with cupcakes or cookies, oven gloves, and a tea towel.

It’s possible to make a chef’s hat at home although you might not have time. Why not team your tea towel with a matching tea towel bandana, or boys might like the Jamie Oliver gelled-and-sticking-up-at-the-front style to look really cool!

Add toy or genuine cooking accessories – a whisk, spatula, wooden spoon – and attach them to a belt going round the apron, or sticking out of an apron pocket.

Baby costume

Here’s a funny last minute costume idea! A baby costume is easy to create by a child wearing pajamas (footsies are great if they have one). A pacifier can be tied on yarn to make a necklace or they can carry a bottle filled with their favorite drink. If you have adult diapers in the house, they can be worn on top of the pajamas.

Mummy costume

To create a mummy costume all you really need is white material cut in strips.

Wrap the body and the head with the material pinning it off with safety pins.

You can use face paint to make the revealed skin look white and perhaps blackened eyes would enhance the costume.

Auto mechanic costume

Got some raggy clothes? Paint some black on them using aerosol spray paint and top off the outfit with a cap and you’ve got an auto mechanic on your hands.

Housewife costume

Girls love to dress in their mom’s or grandma’s clothes. If you have a short bathrobe or dressing gown, team that up with house slippers that fit your child.

Or go for the house cleaning look – apron, mop, bucket, rubber gloves and any other safe household stuff!

Roll your child’s hair up in rollers and perhaps smear on some eye makeup and they will be fabulous as a housewife first thing in the morning.

I couldn’t find a pic of a child housewife! But this shot made me giggle 🙂 This is one of my favorite last minute costume ideas!

Construction worker costume

If you have a hard hat around the house, it is easy to dress your son as a construction worker.

They can wear the hard hat, a tool belt, boots, jeans and t-shirt and perhaps carry a lunch box.

This is the kind of last minute costume idea that really can be organized in record time.

Cowboy costume…

To create a cowboy costume all you really need is a cowboy hat, jeans and boots.

Boys can carry a rope or a stick horse to complement the outfit.

This is pretty much all you need also for our next idea.

…and a Sheriff costume

I don’t know very many boys who don’t have a pretend pistol and holster. These toys can be worn along with a homemade, star-shaped badge that says “Sherriff” to make a sheriff costume. A cowboy hat makes the costume more real, and a waistcoat adds a little authority.

Princess costume

Most little girls have some type of tiara in their toy box.

A princess costume can be easily made by dressing the girl in her Sunday best and wearing a tiara to become a princess.

This costume can also be adapted to be a beauty queen by making a sash for the girl to wear.

Ninja costume

Ninjas wear all black with only their eyes revealed. They often carry swords or gadgets.

With a little creativity, it is easy to create a Ninja costume.

A quick visit to the toy box will bring up some ideas for Ninja weapons or accessories.

Cat costume

A cat costume is easy to create. If your girl has a body suit and tights, you can make ears out of felt and attach them to a headband and make a tail out of spare material to attach to the body suit.

Cats don’t necessarily have to be black. A hot pink cat would make a fabulous costume.

Mime costume

A mime has a white face, usually with lined eyes and lips and extraordinary eyebrows and dresses in all black. They act out stories through motions and no speech. Most kids would love to dress as a mime.

American patriot costume

Dressing in red, white and blue and carrying an American flag will make a patriot.

Biker costume

To create a biker costume all you really have to have is some black leather – a jacket, vest, pants, etc. Wearing it with a white t-shirt and a bandana (tied around the neck or head) and sunglasses will make the costume. You might even draw a tattoo on the arm.

Gypsy costume

A long dress adorned with a decorated scarf, or gaudy jewelry and striking makeup will make your little girl a gypsy. I hope these last minute costume ideas help! It’s best to concentrate on what you already have at home or what you can easily pick up at a convenience store. I’m sure you’ll come up with something great for your child to wear – have fun!