A lion costume – dress to impress!

Roarrr… Would your child like to dress in a lion costume?
Lions are such interesting creatures!

Lions are one of four cats in the Panthera genus. The other three include the tiger, the jaguar, and the leopard.
So you could always look at some pictures of these creatures with your child to see which one he or she would prefer to dress up as.

Your child might choose to be a lion… or a lioness! The male lion is known for his beautiful mane. The female lion, the lioness, doesn’t have a mane. Isn’t it odd that most animals feature a more attractive male? I don’t get it. Both the lion and the lioness have a tail with a tuft on the end.

Lion cubs (that’s the babies), are born with brown spots all over their body, but as they get older, the spots disappear. Sometimes the spots are still apparent on the underside, especially in females – so you might want to include some of those if you’re making a home made lion costume.

The colors of a lion can be yellow, brown or a reddish color, but the mane of a lion is either blonde or black. It tends to get darker as the lion ages. There are white lions, but not so many.

Lions hunt together and usually stock their prey. The lioness can run very fast, but not for a long time. Believe it or not, lionesses do most of the hunting. Lions travel in groups, which are called prides, with a male lion or two and lots of female lionesses and cubs. When the male cubs mature, they are excluded from the pride when they are 2 or 3 years old.

Lion costume ideas

Kids of all ages, both boys and girls, are way cute dressed as lions and lionesses. The infant and toddler costumes are just precious with an open face, a mane around a hood or hat, and paw-like footsies.
Lioness costumes can consist of a furry dress, leg warmers, a tufted tail, and a headband with ears.

Great couple outfits for friends or siblings include the circus lion and the ringmaster or the safari lion and a safari hunter.

You can even make a vicious lion with a mane, tail, sharp teeth, and fake blood for boys who like gruesome outfits.

One of my favorite lion costumes is the Cowardly Lion from the Wizard of Oz. This costume is wonderful for a family that likes to dress up together or a group of friends. The lion can be accompanied by a tin man, a scarecrow, Dorothy and her beloved dog Toto.

Don’t forget the basket for the dog and Dorothy’s famous ruby red slippers. To go all out, you can even add the Good Witch, the Wicked Witch of the South and a flying monkey or two. An absolute classic!