Little Red Riding Hood costume

A Little Red Riding Hood costume would be perfect for your little girl. You can even create a theme for a friend or sibling using characters from the famous fairytale.

This theme is perfect for entertainment at a birthday party, a play or even for costume party or trick or treating. It is also a great teaching tool to teach children about safety.

The story, the characters, the costumes

little red riding hood costume
The story has changed over the years and from reading to reading, but it basically consists of a little girl who wears a red hooded cloak. While she walks through the forest to deliver food (or cookies) to her sick Grandmother, she runs into the Big Bad Wolf. She tells him where she is going and the wolf beats her there.
In some versions, the wolf eats the Grandmother and in other version she is locked in a closet. Anyway, the wolf dresses like Grandma and sits in wait for the little girl to show up. When she arrives, she thinks that her Grandmother doesn’t look right and she says some things like, “What big hands you have, what big ear you have, what big eyes you have, what big teeth you have.”

On that note, the wolf says, “better to eat you with!”

In some versions Little Red Riding Hood gets eaten by the wolf and in other versions the hero hunter (maybe the little girl’s father) shows up and saves the girl and her Grandmother. I like that version! All fairytales should have the “happily forever after” ending in my opinion 🙂

So, we have four characters to make up the story in a costume theme:

a Little Red Riding Hood costume
a wolf costume
a grandmother costume…
and a hunter costume
The Little Red Riding Hood costume

For Little Red Riding Hood, a red or red and white dress, or just a frilly dress would be perfect with all of the little girl accessories like tights, bobby socks or laced trimmed socks and black patent leather shoes or a shiny pair of white or red shoes.
It can be topped with a hooded red cloak.

A basket is an excellent accessory since the little girl was carrying food to her grandma. You can use the basket as a trick or treat bucket or to serve treats to party guests.

The Big Bad Wolf costume

A wolf can be easily created with a mask, tail and wolf gloves.
For little guys who prefer not to wear a full face mask, you might consider a wolf wig and a strap on wolf nose with fangs or you could even use face paint.

How about a Grandmother costume?

Grandmother can be created by darning a long, old fashioned looking nightgown, flannel is great.
It can be accompanied by a grey, old lady wig or you can put the hair up in a bun and dust it with baby powder or use colored hair spray to make the hair look grey.

A night bonnet would also look great perhaps with a pair of spectacles!

And a costume for the hunter

The hunter can be dressed lumberjack style with a red and black checked flannel shirt and suspenders carrying an axe or maybe a bow and arrow set.
Or he can be dressed more modern wearing hunter orange and carrying a rifle, or maybe even Indiana Jones style clothing.

The clothing doesn’t really matter, what makes the costume is the hunter accessories.

Use the occasion to teach your child about safety

A Little Red Riding Hood costume or theme can also be used to teach your children to be careful when they are out and about by themselves – even if it is only walking next door to a friend’s house.
Part of the story reflects that the little girl’s naivety is what got her and her Grandmother into trouble. First of all, she talked to the wolf who was a stranger. Second, she told him where she was going and told him who would be there.

Being as the wolf had bad intentions, such information gave him a heads up that the little girl and her Grandmother were perfect victims. Grandma was sick and obviously living alone since the little girl was taking her food and the little girl, as always, was an easy target for the wolf.

Most kids just don’t understand how much information can be gained from innocent statements. This is an excellent fairytale to use to teach that concept to them!

Dressing up in a Little Red Riding Hood costume will make your little girl feel special. The costumes are so cute and fun. The story can be adapted anyway you like; after all, it is a fairytale!