Luke Skywalker costume

The Luke Skywalker costume is one of the most common movie character outfits ever worn, so if you or your child wants to take on the role it needs to be done right!

There are in fact a number of different costumes worn by Luke throughout the original Star Wars trilogy.

The original Luke Skywalker costume

The most common costume is the clothing that Luke wears for the majority of the time throughout the movies: the white tunic with a large belt, pants and boots.

Many costumes are available with all these items ready-made. The tunic should be fairly long on the body, coming down to around the tops of the thighs, below the hips. If the tunic is too short it will ruin the look.

The belt needs to be quite thick to give the right appearance – a typical thin leather belt won’t do the trick. You can also buy belts which have a special holster so you can attached the light saber when it’s not in use.

And don’t forget the all-important light saber! To fit with the movies, Luke’s light saber should be the right color to go with his costume, as he had different light sabers throughout the trilogy.

His original light saber from Obi Wan Kenobi was blue, but he lost this when Darth Vader cut off his hand. After that, Luke had a green light saber.

Luke’s X-Wing Pilot costume

Along with his role as a Jedi warrior, in the battle against the Empire Luke must also take to the skies in an X-Wing fighter craft to destroy enemy forces. He also eventually destroys the Death Star in his X-Wing.

When he is a pilot, Luke’s outfit differs greatly from his original costume or his various Jedi appearances. His pilot clothing consists of a bright orange jumpsuit with a white vest and a chest pad covered in buttons and lights.

He also wears the famous fighter pilot’s white helmet, with its orange stripe down the middle and big orange visor. Luke uses his helmet to communicate to the other pilots in the rebel space fleet.

The Jedi Robe costume

When Luke goes to visit Jabba the Hutt and rescue Princess Leia, he enters into Hutt’s compound dressed in a brown robe with a large hood that covers his eyes. The brown robe suggests an older and more powerful version of Luke Skywalker that the simple white tunic.

Return of the Jedi black costume

In the last instalment of the trilogy, Luke faces down with Darth Vader for the last time. At this point Luke is wearing clothing that is similar in some ways to his original costume, although now his clothes are black.

The tunic is similar in style to his white one, with a wide belt and black pants. If you go for this style of costume, you should accompany it with a green light saber as this is the color Luke uses in the third movie.