Ideas for dressing up in a mermaid costume

A mermaid costume can make your princess feel like the splash of a costume party!

mermaid costume
You can create one yourself or you can purchase a pre-made costume.

Basically, the body of the costume can be made of a long skirt over a body suit or bathing suit or a dress with ruffles on the bottom that “split” in the middle to make it look like fins.

You can use different fabrics that contrast to make the fin-like look.

The skirt can be long where is covers the feet (since mermaids don’t have feet) or you can get some appealing shoes that go along with the mermaid theme and maybe decorate them with rhinestones or seaweed looking stuff.

It really depends on how you will be using it. For instance, for a dance recital, a short skirt would probably be best.

If your girl wants to simulate Princess Ariel, a long, red wig is a must. Of course a mermaid wand and a shell-shaped purse will look fabulous.

Green boas or a neck scarf can be used to simulate seaweed and all little girls like to wear things like that anyway.

Tiaras are popular amongst little girls and make an excellent addition to a mermaid costume.

Glittered body spray or hair spray can also look fabulous, but do be aware that such things might be flammable which can be a bad thing if the mermaid will be around candle lit jack-o-lanterns.

These make wonderful Halloween costumes or you might even consider it for a summer birthday party or just a summer costume party.

Mermaid characters are appealing to youngsters for talent shows, dance recitals and so forth.

Mermaid inspiration from mermaid movies

When I think of mermaids, the Academy Award nominated 1984 Touchstone Pictures film, Splash comes to mind. It was so funny and a quite romantic movie. I’ll never forget the scene when the beautiful Daryl Hannah (the mermaid turned human) sat across the table from the hilarious Tom Hanks and munched on a lobster, shell and all, at a White House dinner none the less. They are both so serious and she is so naïve which makes each scene so comical.

This movie might not be appropriate for young children. I believe it is rated PG, but it does have a nude scene when Ms. Hannah comes out of the water as a human and gets arrested for indecent exposure. Poor mermaid, she didn’t know that you were supposed to wear clothes in public and she didn’t have the chance to go shopping before her debut.

Girls these days love the Disney movie The Little Mermaid which was produced in 1989. Probably more appropriate for viewing by kids than Splash!

It is also a movie where a mermaid, Princess Ariel, wants to leave the sea and experience the human world. The soundtrack from the film is quite enjoyable as it has a lot of musical features. It is based on the renowned Hans Christian Anderson fairy tale which is also titled, The Little Mermaid.

Your little girl will look lovely dressed as a mermaid and I’m quite certain she will like the idea.