How about a monkey costume?

Why not choose a monkey costume when dress up time comes? If your children are curtain climbers or banana lovers, this could be just the costume for them!
Both boys and girls like monkeys and many of them can sound just like them with their screeching and ooh-ooh-ah-ah sounds.

Monkeys and apes are somewhat different, but to children, they are about the same. Gorillas, orangutans and chimpanzees are often called monkeys, but they are actually great apes and they are from the same family as humans (what do you think about that?!)

None the less, humans, monkeys and apes are all primates.

Monkeys usually have tails while apes and humans don’t.

I suggest that you not confuse your kids by explaining the difference between monkeys and apes unless they are at a stage where they are studying scientific classifications. It just takes the fun out of it. The furthest I would go is maybe to explain that some monkeys have tails while apes don’t.

Monkey outfits and accessories

Most monkey costumes have open faces and hoods with ears. They usually have a tail and are often accompanied by a banana as a prop – how cute!
If your costume doesn’t include a prop, then just provide a banana or a bunch of them for your little monkey to carry – or even eat!

These costumes are available in all sizes including infant, toddler, child sizes, teen sizes, and even adult sizes.

Gorilla masks are also popular with humungous feet and hands – kind of ugly, not near as cute as a monkey outfit, but sometimes boys don’t want to be cute!

Character monkey costumes

There are many famous monkeys from storybooks, television shows and movies. Planet of the Apes is a renowned classic. Abu was the name of the monkey that was featured in the Disney film Aladdin as Aladdin’s pet. He was kind of mischievous. The spider monkey from the Cartoon Network show Ben 10 is a favorite among boys.
In The Wizard of Oz flying monkeys were the wicked witch’s companions and children who have seen the movie may like to dress like one, or maybe not since the winged monkeys attacked the more beloved characters like the tin man, the cowardly lion, the scarecrow, and Dorothy and Toto.

My favorite monkey of all times has to be Curious George. He first made his appearance in a children’s book in 1941. He was a monkey living in Africa who was captured by “the man with the yellow hat”. He was taken to a zoo in a big city which he didn’t like so he ran away. His life was filled with adventures (based on his curiosity) before the man with the yellow hat captured him again and took him to live with him in his house.

Curious George has since been featured in many books, television shows, films, video games, theme parks, and appears in toy shops, on dishes and so forth.

More monkey ideas!

There are even monkey costumes from my childhood including Barrel of Monkeys. Do you remember that game? It had a lot of plastic monkeys in a barrel and you hooked them together by hands and tails to make a string of monkeys. Wouldn’t that be an awesome baby costume for twins or triplets?
I love the sock monkey, in fact I slept with one until I was about ten and it wasn’t cool anymore to have a snuggie sleep mate. I was devastated when my cousins made fun of me for sleeping with a stuffed animal.

Small kids would look cute in a knitted top and knitted leggings, with bobble hat and scarf – with a banana, of course!

My son now has a favorite monkey stuffed toy… and he’s eleven… but that’s another story 🙂 I’m sure he’d love to dress up in a monkey costume – I’ll let you know how it goes!