Nursery rhyme costumes

Small children are simply fascinated by nursery rhyme costumes!

Parents love them because the costume can be easily put together using standard clothes and household items. Introducing children to nursery rhymes can also create memories that will be treasured for a lifetime.

Before you present a costume idea to your child, it is always a good idea to test the water by reading them rhymes from a fabulous book like 100 Best-Loved Nursery Rhymes by Isla MacCuish. You will find tons of ideas and you are sure to see what characters spark interest in your child.

Nursery Rhyme Costumes for Girls

Does your precious girl like Little Miss Muffet?

You know, the girl that sat on a tuffet eating her curds and whey until the spider snuggled up next to her and scared her away.
This Miss Muffet has obviously gobbled up her food, and is reading her nursery rhymes book! Your child could add their book too, as an accessory.

This costume is beyond easy to make. A pretty dress, a snack bowl and a spider (a fake one, of course) creates the look.

I think you could add a large hair bow, or even a bonnet if you like.

A puffy green cushion could substitute as your “tuffet” if you want a little more mobility!

Or perhaps your girl is fascinated by Little Bo Peep

This is a perfect costume for siblings or friends, because you know that the lost sheep would complement your little girl’s outfit, dressed all fancy with a bonnet and shepherd’s staff.

Tying matching ribbons on the staff and on the sheep’s wagging tails makes all of the costumes go together and it makes it easy for the group to find each other at a Halloween carnival.

Here’s a basic look for Little Bo Peep or Mary Had a Little Lamb:

Mary Had a Little Lamb

Here’s a similar nursery rhyme for two people, Mary and the Lamb. In the nursery rhyme, the little lamb follows Mary around. This makes the costumes perfect for a girl and her younger sibling.

Find out more about creating the lamb look on my page about sheep costumes.

Of course, your Mary could carry around a soft toy lamb with her, she’ll love that!

And now for another Mary…

Mary Mary Quite Contrary

This nursery rhyme costume is perfect for a girl whose family is into gardening!

Mary can dress in a casual dress with a sun hat and carry a mini-hoe and a watering can (makes a perfect trick or treat basket).

Or you can choose the practical look, with gardening apron like this little girl!

How about a little name badge with “Mary” written on it?

Another idea is to add some silver bell and shell decorations or embellishments to your costume.

If your child is wearing rubber boots or Wellington boots, you could buy some bell and shell stickers and stick them around the top edge of each boot (test you can remove them easily afterwards, just in case!)

Nursery Rhyme Costumes for Boys

For boys, you might consider The Grand Old Duke of York if you want to broaden the horizon with classic English nursery rhymes.

Old King Cole and the three fiddlers also make a remarkable costume theme for friends or brothers as does Humpty Dumpty and all the king’s horses and all the king’s men.

For solo boys, Little Jack Horner with a plum on his thumb might be appealing, as is Jack be Nimble, Jack be Quick – a toy candlestick is the necessary accessory to bring this theme to life, and your son will enjoy jumping over it!

If you have a night owl, Wee Willie Winkie is a cute costume for a little boy. That’s a Scottish nursery rhyme that features a little boy known for running through the town in a night gown.

A country boy might enjoy dressing like Little Boy Blue – all dressed in blue with a horn for an accessory.

Here’s one for little boy chefs:
The Muffin Man makes a creative nursery rhyme costume – chef hat, tray of muffins, white apron – and I think the oven gloves really make it seem as though those muffins are straight from the oven, mmmmm!

Your little music man might like Little Tommy Tucker. This little boy sang for his supper – and he may or may not have been poor, but I think you could try a ragamuffin look, a scruffy hat to beg with, and some brown bread and butter for him to eat!

A name badge with “Tommy Tucker” is also a good idea.

And because he didn’t seem to have a knife or a wife, you could write out a little “Wanted” poster for these two wishes, and pin it to his hat!

Favorite Toddler Costumes from Nursery Rhymes

A Tisket a Tasket is classic American nursery rhyme that features a green and yellow basket which would be easy to create, comfortable for a toddler, and practical as the basket could be used for a trick or treat basket.

Most toddlers are fascinated by the nursery rhyme I’m a Little Teapot. It just brings giggles when someone performs it with all of the motions!

It may seem hard to create this costume, but really you just have to use something baggy with some kind of stuffing and make a hat that looks like a teapot lid. The arms can be used to mimic the spout and the handle.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star is a precious costume theme for a toddler or an infant. It’s easy to make a star and they seem to just love the nursery rhyme.

Multipurpose Nursery Rhyme Costumes

Jack and Jill costumes are ideal for twins. Hickory Dickory Dock for friends or siblings – the clock and the mouse. The Old Lady that Lived in a Shoe can make extraordinary costumes for a mother and her children

There are a few characters to inspire nursery rhyme costumes in the ever loved classic Hey Diddle Diddle – a cat with a fiddle, a cow with a moon, a laughing dog, a dish and spoon.