Create a Sailor Costume for your Kids

The sailor costume has evolved over many years, so there’s plenty of choice! Kids can choose from the classic old sailor uniforms in blue and white through to modern replicas of real combat uniforms worn by the U.S. Navy every day. Kids might have different ideas about how their costume should look, so it’s worth […]

Raggedy Ann costume

The Raggedy Ann costume is a classic that has continued from generation to generation. And did you know that a rag doll costume can be used for both girls and boys as Raggedy Ann is often accompanied by Raggedy Andy! Fraternal twins are so cute dressed as Ann and Andy. Here are some cute Raggedy […]

Dress up in an R2-D2 costume

An R2-D2 costume is the perfect choice for a baby or toddler at a Star Wars or sci-fi themed party – or any dress up party for that matter! R2-D2 is the plucky little robot who appears throughout all six Star Wars movies, assisting Anakin Skywalker and Luke Skywalker in their journeys. The perfect toddler […]

Princess Leia costume

Which little girl doesn’t want to wear a Princess Leia Costume? This is a totally cool costume for girls! Princess Leia is brave, feisty, independent and oh-so-feminine, even when she’s dressed in combat gear. What a terrific combination! Now, a Princess Leia costume can come in several different styles, depending on whether Leia was dressed […]

Power Rangers costume

A Power Rangers costume is still a popular choice for many kids’ birthday parties. The Power Rangers are a team of teenagers with special fighting abilities who do battle against the forces of evil. The standard Power Ranger outfit is a full-body suit. The color will be different depending on which Ranger your child wants […]

Penguin costume ideas

A penguin costume may not seem like the first choice for your child, but these lovable little critters have captured the imaginations of many kids in recent years. And no wonder, with kids enjoying incredible images and stories about these amazing creatures. Movies such as Madagascar and Happy Feet have turned penguins into friendly and […]

How about a monkey costume?

Why not choose a monkey costume when dress up time comes? If your children are curtain climbers or banana lovers, this could be just the costume for them! Both boys and girls like monkeys and many of them can sound just like them with their screeching and ooh-ooh-ah-ah sounds. Monkeys and apes are somewhat different, […]

Ideas for dressing up in a mermaid costume

A mermaid costume can make your princess feel like the splash of a costume party! mermaid costume You can create one yourself or you can purchase a pre-made costume. Basically, the body of the costume can be made of a long skirt over a body suit or bathing suit or a dress with ruffles on […]

Luna Lovegood costume

A Luna Lovegood costume makes a fantastic Harry Potter themed costume for girls! Luna is such an interesting person – dreamy, imaginative – and clever, too. And her clothes and accessories – wowee! She’s got a very weird dress sense, which is great for anyone dressing up as her. Luna’s “look” In appearance, Luna is […]

Luke Skywalker costume

The Luke Skywalker costume is one of the most common movie character outfits ever worn, so if you or your child wants to take on the role it needs to be done right! There are in fact a number of different costumes worn by Luke throughout the original Star Wars trilogy. The original Luke Skywalker […]