Little Red Riding Hood costume

A Little Red Riding Hood costume would be perfect for your little girl. You can even create a theme for a friend or sibling using characters from the famous fairytale. This theme is perfect for entertainment at a birthday party, a play or even for costume party or trick or treating. It is also a […]

A lion costume – dress to impress!

Roarrr… Would your child like to dress in a lion costume? Lions are such interesting creatures! Lions are one of four cats in the Panthera genus. The other three include the tiger, the jaguar, and the leopard. So you could always look at some pictures of these creatures with your child to see which one […]

Ladybug costumes are so cute!

Girls look absolutely precious in ladybug costumes. Teens and toddlers love them too and there is nothing more cuddlesome than an infant in a bunting type costume with a hood and antennas. They will keep the baby warm, no doubt, and they are so adorable! Ladybugs are interesting creatures. Compared to other insects, they are […]

What kind of knight costume could your child wear?

So, your boy wants a knight costume? That’s a pretty common term and it is possible that you don’t understand exactly what he is picturing in his head. What you need to find out is… what kind of knight costume?! Classic historical costumes knight costume When I think of a knight, Richard Gere comes into […]

A king costume for kids!

A king costume is sure to spark interest in your little boy, and most young men are ready and willing to show their sense of royalty. There are tons of costume options when it comes to kings, so which style would suit your boy best? King of the realm infant king costume If your child […]

A dog costume can be great fun to dress up in!

Many kids love dogs, and that makes a dog costume a good choice for a party or just for general dress-up games around home! There are all kinds of dog outfits to think about. Would your child prefer a realistic kind of puppy or dog costume, based on a particular breed? Or would they enjoy […]

Kids character costumes

Kids absolutley love dressing up as one of their heros or heroines… oooh yesssss!!! There’s a huge choice of these costumes and some of them give you the chance to accessorize imaginatively too! Heroes and heroines, cartoon characters, saviors of the universe and magical fairies are all included, so there’s no shortage of ideas for […]

Jedi costume ideas

A Jedi costume is one of the favorite dress up ideas for many young boys, as well as some girls of course! Most kids will want to dress up as the most famous of the Jedi, so don’t miss ideas for the Anakin Skywalker costume Luke Skywalker costume or Yoda costume There are other fantastic […]

James Bond costume ideas for stylish spies!

No wonder kids want to get dressed up in a James Bond costume – he’s the sophisticated man of mystery who’s been around for decades. Bond is smooth and clever, fashionable and funny – but he doesn’t let his big ego get in the way of fighting the bad guys… most of the time! Let’s […]

Jack Sparrow costume ideas

Getting dressed up in a Jack Sparrow costume is a dream come true for many boys – and girls! – who are fans of the swaggering pirate hero. Jack’s unique look and rebellious character make him a popular choice for Halloween or party dress ups. Since there are now four Pirates of the Caribbean movies, […]